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Wednesday, 03 February 2016


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Hands up all those who voted for Cameron last May! Oh no.............

The best comment I read this morning was "Cameron asked for a Bentley and ended up with a floor mat for an Austin Allegro!"

Maybe none of us in the Western world will survive our own governments.

Unfortunately this is bad for Dave's reputation, such as it is and with the bearded Stalinist loon waiting in the wings we really don't want too much of that.

This chap says Call me Dave has done really well & we shouldn't take any notice of UK newspaper headlines. I'll let you know when he replies to my request to be informed as to the amount of Eurolargesse being bunged his way.

kind regards

BOE - in our defence, in May it was a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea - or should that be the devil and a pinkish pale-blue C...

Sorry chaps, but we knew it would be a farce from the start, but it's still more than we'd have got from Microband, and it's putting the sh!ts up the unelected tw@ts in Brussels even though it's all choreographed or should that be N-Korea-graft the way the economy's going especially since divisions have been multiplied (to steal a line from Yes Prime Minister) and Brussels' Sorrows are coming not in single spies but in battalions of Syrians Tunisians ALgerians and all the rest of it.

In many ways it is rather tedious how CMD is sticking so determinedly to his script, but the way Junker the drunker has forgotten his adds greatly to the fun.

If it wasn't probably going to end in a war, I'd probably quite enjoy it.

Call me Dave's famous lack of judgment seems to be coming to the rescue again. He has just called on his MPs to ignore the views of their constituency members - thus further turning democracy on its head - which will hack off even more people. Interestingly,the principal opposition to staying in Europe seems to be coming, not from the official 'Out' movement but from from the papers and the internet. Whether it will be enough to decide the issue remains to be seen.

There was a choice in May 2015. If you voted for Cameron, you voted for the Establishment. And that is what you are getting at this moment. The Establishment wants to stay in the EU and they'll get their way. I voted for change, or as I prefer, for disruption. The day after we vote to stay in, there'll be a phone call from Brussels. We are allocating the UK 100,000 of The Dumpy One's migrants. No use saying no thanks - you voted to stay in!

BOE - back on planet earth, if you voted for a non-establishment candidate (UKIP presumably?) you were throwing your vote away. THe only way to get OUT was to vote for the one party that offered a referendum no matter how crooked it would be.

You are right that there is a large inertia in the establishment for staying in, but despite my scepticism I can't help noticing that there is a gathering tide of disgust and frustration. THe vote could well be closer than I thought.

Richard - you are right, for an intelligent man he seems to be making some surprising blunders. Perhaps he is a secret OUTER?

My individual vote may not have mattered and 4 million such votes achieved sweet FA. But 8 million would have caused problems all over the place. What we have got now is a referendum that Cameron may well win - and that is it! Any complaints will be met by "well, you voted to stay in". The only hope is that the Germans will cock everything up - as they usually do - and the whole thing will collapse.

boe correct

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