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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


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David, you are on top of it alright. Add to it the NSA having a bone to pick with her too. The ripples from this run back and forth across Washington and will touch many large and small players. I think our society and government are both in need of a major upending and this could do it. If she is above the law somehow, then why should we common folk be below it? Our system is long past time for a severe shake up. Too much getting along among the elites. We will be in need of some major "forget getting along". I'm just biding my time like millions of Americans.

Come to think on it, most Western governments are in need of a severe shake up for the same reasons.

Duffers - reminds me of the splendid phrase "the mills of god grind slowly yet they grind exceeding small"

Hoping for a September arrest warrant.

I think it's the late Jack Lord - Steve McGarrett will live for ever!
I understand there is a new "re-boot" of the series. I refuse to watch it.

What's the English equivalent David, with 'HillBilly' in mind for ... Show us your willy!

My dog is a democrat. Don't miss the last line.

JK, that IS an English expression, JK, thought up by the late, great Auberon Waugh in advising us what to shout when you see a politician on a soapbox. What you could shout at 'HillBilly' I leave to you but as an ex-sailor I doubt you will have much trouble thinking one up!

Thanks, Dom, very funny - and true!

My prediction: The process will drag on until after the Presidential election. Then, if she wins, she will claim Executive something-or-other, and whole business will be dropped, and if she doesn't win, Obummer will quietly issue a pardon on his last day in office.

Either way - or perhaps in some other way - she will get away with it.

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