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Monday, 21 March 2016


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I suspect Osborne and Cameron do have a philosophy. It goes: -

"We know we're shit, and you'd be better off without us.".

And the practice is: -

"We can never speak of it, because we are demonized today".

Like the Christians of old, they might carve a fish in the sand with their walking sticks and invite the other to dot the eye to identify themselves.

But maybe not even that.

The two of them may not even communicate outside of their secret society of two, forged in the era when Uni's had Anarchist Groups and Tory Libertarian Associations, for fear of an instant "burn the witch" reaction should they be discovered.

In the new dark age, where everyone expects pols to be able to do stuff - even the Gaffer - it's best to lay low.


Well, of course "pols do stuff". The question is whether it is good or bad stuff!

At least they've increased the chance of a Corbyn government!

BoaE - Nooooooo!

Duffers - that would be the same Dim Dave and Slimy George that in SoD's curious world view are the only politicians in Britain who understand how useless they are?

True, they get told that on a regular basis, and now Slimy George has proved it with his execrable budget, but you can be sure that they are utterly convinced that they are the cleverest people in the room, they love big government because it gives them space to show off their (ahem) talents, and which is why they want to keep us in the EU - they don't get much bigger than that.

It is truly gratifying to see them floundering, useless bastards; and if one of the consequences of their difficulty was a Brexit; well it would be right up there with watching Jensen Button winning the French grand prix, while eating fish and chips and being pleasured by Sharapova.

That last sentence really needed that comma!!

Cuffleyburgers...beyond a certain age-gasp-a comma allows one to catch his breath.

You know what I just thought of? In the near future, we might have Corbyn or your side, and Trump on my side. Dear god ...

Don't worry Dom, in less than 12 months you'll be singing Hail to the Chief to granny Clinton!

See that IDS, genius reformer of the welfare industry?

Well how come I know someone who has a bad back, but who can still walk, go on holiday and dance like John Travolta, but who hasn't done any work for 15 years and, get this, is bought a brand new Skoda Yeti every 3 years by you, dear friends, so that her mother can drive her around in a car that's easy to get in and out of?

And how did she get this back condition? Injured by an NHS operation.

We pay for one state incompetency and then pay to clear it's mess up - including when that mess is fraudulently exaggerated.

And you Ukipper types love the NHS and think IDS is a hero of welfare operational management?!

It reminds me of the 1970's when people said of this and that politician "Oh he knows how to make cars", "She knows how to dig coal out of the ground", and what did we get? British effing Leyland and Arthur Scargill.


Morning SoD Certainly IDS is hardly a genius, but has lobbed a timely grenade into the hen house.

I have no idea what UKIPPER types think or even if they do. Much of the evidence is dubious.

Certainly I have little respect for the NHS although it may very well be true that there were some good intentions involved at its founding.

All these political sacred cows need a good seeing to from time to time. The welfare budget is another.

But the mother of all sacred cows is the EU and the sooner that abortion is put out of all our misery the better.

And it could be that IDS resignation will contribute in a small way to that and so it is very welcome!

If only UKIPPER types had a fraction of the inluence frogphiles like Lawrence thinks they have!

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