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Monday, 07 March 2016


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Duffers - it's actually our fault for hoping and praying so hard for Corbyn to win as Labour leader so Labour as a party would die, we overlooked the fact that the tories, and especially these tories, unencumbered as they are by intellectual probity, decency or common sense would move to occupy the beloved centre which of course in this country is well into the red (rather appropriate really in view of the national finances) and from being a moderately competent centre right government is now a moderately competent centre left government. The problem being that any centre left government is very bad news indeed for tax payers.

When you add in the fact that Dave couldn't give a shit as he's outta here, George can't see past the end of his nose anything that might affect his accession to PM-ship and you have a kind of perfect storm.

It would be nice if this energy thing were the result of an EU directive. Unfortunately it's worse than that, the Energy and Climate change bill was an entirely homegrown effort, whose misbegotten misbegetter, the only current politician who is likely to have any sort of legacy, and this is it, is Ed Milliband who really couldn't givva shit as he is enjoying a comfortable retirement on the public speaking circuit addressing working men's clubs up and down Hampstead.

Calling SoD - looks like you might be right about the benefits of staying in the EU - only joking !

For God's sake, Cuffers, don't encourage SoD! Your main point is spot on. The old references to Left and Right are meaningless in a world where everything just more or less Left.

Those shale gas export terminals on the east coast of the land of the free are nearly ready - I read somewhere the first tanker set off to somewhere in South America recently.

Uncle Sam and the US cavalry to the rescue again, this time to save us from the lights going off due to Blighty's incompetent home grown politicos. See, it's like the 1970's even before we get Brexit; in the limited space offered to our domestic pols they fuck it up - good spot Cuffers - imagine what they'd be like in charge of the whole shooting match?!

Look at that incompetent and / or hypocrite Bojo. He's just railed at the inner's senior pols for forcing HMG pols to toe the inner's line, while at the same time sending an email to his own pols at City Hall to toe the outters line that he espouses.

And Bojo's the bloke that Charles Moore was only last week trying to big up as "Churchillian" (have you noticed how Bojo has been trying to perfect that stoop over recent weeks?).

What a wanker. Putin would eat him for breakfast, and even Juncker the Drunker after a couple of bottles of fine claret.

Welcome to the new leadership post-Brexit.


I am no defender of our home-grown pols, SoD, but they have one thing that none of the Euro pols have, and that is, they're British. Thus, they are more or less steeped in our way, rough and ready though it be, of doing things. And I would remind you that part of the problem over Hinkley Point is that the French have cocked up as much as we have!

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