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Tuesday, 22 March 2016


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Henry VI, surely?

Oooops, I'll hand in my 100 lines tomorrow, Sir!

"only applies to the EU minus France!"

I put that point To JR MP yesterday but added Germany to it. You do read his blog I take it?

Couldn't think who he was for a minute but I finally got there - well, it is only 11.00am!

I thought it was the French who actually burnt the wee lass at the stake, on the instructions of the French church leaders, to avoid a possible loss of power (and money) if she became popular amongst the people. Trust the French to do something wicked and then blame someone else!

Thanks, JK, another site to add to my 'favourites' list.

So that's where Dearieme went. Thanks JK from me too. Interesting site.

I like my meat well cooked so I always order a steak "Joan of Arc" style. When some waiter asks what that is the reply is "Burnt at the steak".

I do like playing with uppity Chef's minds.

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