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Wednesday, 23 March 2016


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Duffers - luckily, according to SoD we have Junker the Drunker to save us from Corbyn - cue the insane maniacal laughter...

David, I note the media are using the unemployment issue in Belgium as a reason for mass murder. Any idea why non muslims do not blow themselves up when unemployed! They did not blow themselves up when they were unemployed in there former shitholes so why now.

Hillary Clinton's inane remarks about soft targets and terrorists only reinforces the fact that she is a naive, supercilious and an empty headed trollop. She will do to the US what Corbyn will do to the UK when he enters no 10 in 2020. Utterly destroy it economically and culturally.

If recent opinion polls and George and Dim Dave carry on the way they are it is quite possible that against the odds Corbyn will become PM. Especially as the UK economy is almost certain to take a dive soon due to global events. Not George's fault but he will get the blame all the same.

Well Anti, if it isn't Georgie's fault - whose is it? He is paid a lot of money and would get the credit if he was successful. So, he quite rightly gets the blame if he fails. At the moment he is busy failing.

BoE. Perhaps I should have said not all his fault but then a large part of the blame can be laid at the feet of that other BoE the Bank of England and other central banks. After all their Keynesian loose money and credit policies are bound to cause booms and busts ad infinitum. The magic money tree trick now you see it now you don't. The illusion of prosperity that then disappears in a puff of smoke as the curtain is pulled away.

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