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Tuesday, 15 March 2016


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Duffers what makes you think Big Ears is interested in anyone other than himself?

"If President Obama gives more than a flying fig for Britain, which I doubt..."

His stance seems to be one of mild to moderate dislike. He likes the EU because he is in favour of nice big trading partners and regional buffers against Russia and China, but he has pretty comprehensively exposed the lie of the "special relationship".

All our fault, of course. Apparently we beat his dad up in Kenya, and the old boy would naturally have been less than complimentary in the odd times he met up with his estranged son.

Obama has a chip on his shoulders a mile wide he hates the Brits, with some justification as he sees it as his family history is one dotted with bad experiences at the hands of the British, which he has demonstrated on numerous occasions. I do not think he has much liking for white Americans either.

He is not the liability to the stayers as you think he is DD as most of us do not realise what a poor specimen of a man he is and holds him in great esteem and even awe. Dim Dave's tactics may work as he wheels out the great and famous to endorse membership most of whom cannot tie their own shoe laces without referring to higher authority.

It seems to me a show of desperation on his behalf as he cannot win the argument for staying in. Some of us see that but how many others will? We wont know until June 23.

Update: there is a rather amusing account of the upcoming interference on Alexander Boots's ever-brilliant blog:

It's about time we English grew up. Scrap the idea we have a "special" relationship with the Americans. No more American wars; no more French wars. Just think how much better off we would have been with that policy if we had adopted it in 1905 and stuck to it.

Well...just a casual observance about "our president"---the only difference between Barack Obama and a bag of shit is the bag.

That should be "whom you piss off!"

It is against Federal law to use American taxpayers' funds to try to influence anyone else's elections, but of course, "at this point, what difference does it make."

Let me note that it is not pure altruism that inspired the passage of such a law. No, of course, we do not like it when the Chinese do it, as they have (in favor of the Democrats, naturally)in the last few elections. It is just that we recognize, at least some of us, that we can really f--- things up, meddling where we do not know very well what we are doing. You really have no idea how angry this makes any Americans who know about it.It is right up there with Obamacare. The general assumption regarding Obamacare is that it makes so many geezers and geezerettes so angry that our blood pressures rise and we stroke out, reducing the drain on the pension system.

BoE, can I assume that you would not have welcomed American help in WWI and II? Remember also that Wimpy Bush the Elder was limiting himself to making disapproving noises after Saddam invaded Kuwait, until Mrs. Thatcher called him on the 'phone and told him "This is no time to go wobbly, George."

Special relationship a fiction? We did not share the secrets of the atomic bomb with anyone else, nor did you give anyone else the results of your research on RADAR. That's pretty special, in my estimation.

If we had not allied ourselves with the French after 1905, would we have needed American help? Would there have been two world wars? By the way, the Atomic bomb was a joint project. It was after 1945 when you decided to keep it to yourselves. Special relationship indeed. Anyway, it is pointless raking over the past. What I suggest is a new policy - no foreign wars from now on. I might also point out that in about 20 years time Amerca will a Hispanic country and unlikely to feel any sympathy with us. And France will be Muslim!

"If we had not allied ourselves with the French after 1905" there was a better than evens chance that even the weakened Schlieffen plan would have worked which, following the defeat of France, would have meant that the Germans would have controlled ports on the Med and the Atlantic as well as the North Sea. Then, we would very definitely have needed American aid!

The "special relationship" is, it seems to me, more a matter of a shared heritage, not just language, but also traditions. Due process rights, the presumption of innocence, a respect for free speech, and so on.

BOE is right to say that the US is becoming more Hispanic, and when that happens we will lose this tradition. We will become more like the countries that the Hispanics are running away from. Oh well. I had a good 65 years. I'm glad I won't be around when we become less Anglo.

Re-writing history is a piece of cake. What I am suggesting is that we disentangle ourselves from other people's wars.

Like Dom said, I am also glad I won't be around. I feel for the grandchildren yet to be born, and even my own daughter. Now I understand why so many of my contemporaries opted out of bringing children into this world. Of course 30 years ago I never would have predicted this. Then again, my mother said that they weren't prepared for the 60s.

I had no intention of rewriting history, BOE, I simply wanted to remind you that 'no action' is an action - with consequences.

As to the 'special relationship', personally I try to avoid the phrase. Yes, of course, there is a shared history and a shared language and in these modern times a shared culture. There is an innate, if somewhat inchoate, feeling that we are both, more or sometimes less, on the same side on most things but that should not blind us to the imperatives of 'real-politik'.

Well (she huffed)! I can say the same about the cousins across the pond and on the continent when they try to tell us how to vote! (She finishes with a coy smile and pours another double)

Come on now, Mr. Duff. Obama is better at foreign policy, domestic policy, bringing racial harmony, budgeting, and EVERYTHING else than his top advisers and anyone else in the whole wide world. Just ask him....he'll tell you that it is a well known fact.

Just one more excruciating year & maybe the world can get back to normal. Of course I've been hearing rumors that he is aiming for UN head and if that happens then all bets are off. Good grief, could you imagine?

I thought that whole EU thing was a major disaster in the making when it was first proposed. I truly hope your countrymen (and women, of course..gotta say that nowadays or I'm sexist or some kind of *ist...can't keep up with all that crap) vote to exit that abomination. It would be the only rational thing to do. But people just don't seem to be rational these days, do they??

Whitewall, looks like Trump could be the man. He talks the talk nothing fancy and is not a mug. He could do it. Truman fought for his country and I think Trump will have to fight for the USA and will.

On this occasion I agree with BOE.

I am admonished, dear Miss Red, because I frequently opine on matters American but the difference between me doing that and President Obama doing it is that no-one pays me the slightest heed. A grievous fault, I agree, but there you are!

Marty, welcome to D&N. To be fair, not something I am used to, I will go as far as to say that in some respects Obama has not been as bad as I thought he might be.

BOE, as a generalisation, yes, I am in favour of keeping clear of other peoples' wars but a) that does not mean all of them and b) keeping clear also has consequences. It is now obvious that Obama has kept clear of as many wars as he could and even those he has joined he has conducted at long distance. Whether that is better or worse than, say, the 'Dubya' approach only time will tell.

Obama's approach of conducting wars at a long distance has been disastrous combining the worst of all possible worlds.

He has looked consistently weak and indecisive, and has done untold damage to the US interests and standing, and by extension seeing as we have been freeloading off the USA since 1945, us.

The correct attitude to take would be that of 19c British policy in Europe "Splendid Isolation". When you are top nation you don't grubby yourself with squabbles with the riff raff like the frogs and krauts. But when you do, by golly you really do and you whip their backsides soundly.

Oh my Dear Duffers, I was not admonishing YOU. I was thinking of some punk Irish band playing at a festival in Chicago as well as all those twats, I mean my friends and relatives on facebook that think they have a well thought out opinion. They are mere puppets in the hands of their overlords.

Pheeeeew, that's a relief, Miss Red, better pour me a large one, oh, and do have another yourself!

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