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Wednesday, 02 March 2016


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There is (as ever) an alternative reading. One of the reasons for Charles's unpopularity with the more fervent protestants was his refusal to support European protestant rulers (including his own relatives) in their various wars. Under his rule, England enjoyed (ironically, perhaps) a prolonged period of peace, bought at the expense of domestic discontent. So it is Charles, on this reading, who was the real 'outer', and the protestants who were the real Europhiles. Incidentally, I have yet to read an account of that time which did not say that Charles was the preferred choice of the masses - it was the aristocrats and merchants who opposed him who were unpopular.

Indeed, H, and any attempt, especially by an ignoramus like me, to draw modern parallels are doomed to failure. Even so, I do relish looking back on these events and the highly dangerous manoeuvrings of those involved given, courtesy of hindsight, the totally unexpected results which ensued. Too, too delicious!

I'll be curious as to how Cromwell is treated when he appears. Wasn't it the masses who finally joined the rebellion?

Either reading leads me to believe we should cut Cameron's head off.

I'm still in 1640 so Cromwell hasn't made an appearance yet although there are mentions of the fact that whilst this was an aristocratic rebellion, the bourgeoisie were in the background, not least in the City of London.

Well, Cuffers, perhaps there is a place for ISIS after all!

Sounds interesting. I read Veronica Wedgwood's books some time ago (The King's War and The King's Peace and others) and thought they had a terrific dramatic sense.

Absolutely right, Mike, the more I read the more I wish Shakespeare had been around to write what would have been the greatest of his history plays.

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