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Tuesday, 01 March 2016


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We had our chance last May. We could have forced a re-alignment of the political parties. We didn't.

Amazing! The base of the Tory party seems ready to tear apart its ruling elite? Do you have a Trump to act as destructor? That is exactly what the base of the Republican party here intends to do. Burn it down. I think maybe western governments have gone well past "peak democracy". I also believe invaders from Islamic nations will do more to up end the EU than anything else.

Quite so Duffers. Not just wrong but a mistake.

He (Cameron) seems determined to lose this referendum.

The loss of the tory party which will now have a chance to reform properly, is a small price to pay to get out of the EU.

BoE - last May was the chance to give the limp dems a good kicking and also Microband, and that was duly done. At the same time it gave us a chance to get a referendum. No other outcome would have done.

There was zero possibility of UKIP forming a government and zero of it having enough influence over any other party to achieve anything useful.

Now there is a referendum coming, there is an outside chance we may even win it; nobody expects a fair fight but we can give the bastards a fright; and really that is the most you can expect from any political system.

And even if we lose it I think the political fall out will be with us for years, probably until the EU collapses of its own accord, and or lsoing the referendum will likely influence that outcome as well, because of the fall out I mention above, British governments will I think be forced to be even more churlish and truculent than they (are perceived to be from Europe) than they are now, which will lead to more and more tensions. Which is all good.

FWIW I don't think implosion of the tory party will lead to Corbyn as PM either as the labour party is also approaching criticality (as we rocket scientists like to say) and it is entirely possible that some new alignment will form which cannot be forcast at this point.

I meant to include this before I hit publish:

That was an excellent article, Whiters, thanks. And is this 'Trump phenomenon' a similar effect?

David, it seems very similar. Though Trump can shed his snake skin weekly, he may indirectly blow the false narratives of the PC fascists all to hell. This must happen. Here, in Europe and Britain if the modern West is to survive. I hope to see it. If it takes Jose and Abdul to force it then so be it.

The battle lines are being drawn civil war is about to commence leading to a new regime or regimes. Why? because government has got too big and had too many layers added to it(EU). The people want something for nothing and they have been given it but as is to be expected it has come at a price. Who would have thunk it. Well us sane ones did. The price is disillusionment, confusion and leaders elected not on merit but on how much they offered (just like the Roman emperors of old did to secure the throne) and of course mountains of debt. Add in moral decline and decadence and you have the recipe for the perfect storm.

Again just like the Roman empire the final nail nail in the coffin will be the large influx of immigrants firstly by invitation and then by force. They are massing at the borders already awaiting their opportunity. In fact they are literally hammering at the gates demanding entry. History repeating itself? No you will say we could not make the same mistake in this modern advanced world but we shall see.

Anti- the signs are you might be right. Still I am fed up of worrying about it and really couldn't give a fuck any longer.

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