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Saturday, 05 March 2016


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He was a lefty, you know you can only tell them two things, sod all and fuck all.

Once monarchs had been deprived of their powers the Royal prerogative was not lost in it's entirety just the Royal was removed. It has passed down to the politicians. We know this because in their wisdom the founding fathers of the US constitution retained it by writing the presidential prerogative into it and are now paying the price. Obama uses it like any demented monarch of old with damaging consequences almost daily. He of course is not the only political leader in government to use some form of prerogative they all do except it comes in different guises.

So the fight against absolutism is not over yet by a long chalk only when all the power rests with the people will that happen. It is a pity that most of us are too stupid to be allowed anywhere near control over our own destiny. So we will have to put up with being over ridden by our political masters for some time yet.

Succinctly put, Peter!

You are correct, Antis, although it must be said that in all forms of government there must be a point where someone takes a decision. Rule by committee can be equally disastrous. The main point is that we retain the right every five years to turf the rascals out!

DD. They say that a camel is a horse designed by a committee. Although the camel is ugly and is not a horse it is rather useful and can do most of what a horse can and more. So by that measure even though the committee did not achieve what it set out to do it still did rather well. Our political leaders rarely have any more and sometimes less success than does a committee. So perhaps we should start to trust the people more and start the transfer of power to them.

" all boils down to the notion of inviolate private property which is distinct and separate from national exchequers. None of that is to say that the government does not have a right to acquire private property, be it money or land, only that it can do so only after due process through a parliament."

So if, by due process, the Government acquires all property, as it was heading towards in the 1970's by "due process through parliament", you'd be ok with that?

If so, what makes you so different from Komrad Karl? You're a democratic Marxist, and he's a revolutionary one.


Antis, well, of course, here in 'this septic Isle' we do have rule by a committee, it's called the cabinet although the chairman, aka: the prime minister, has immense (but not total) influence. Equally, the cabinet itself is subject to the shifts within its own party and in the House of Commons. Finally, I say again, that we do enjoy the privilege of turfing them out every five years. Not perfect but in this world its about as good as you can get it!

@ SoD: And what, pray, happened at the end of the '70s? The GBP woke up, voted in 'that woman' and she smashed the socialist monolith.

As I've said before, for one decade out of two hundred, 1/200, or 0.5% of the last 2,000 years of Blighty's existence did the Brits systematically, deliberately elect a counter-Marxist, counter-state polity.

Since that decade, the counter-Marxist, counter-state polity has been wiped out and demonized domestically, and its only surviving vestiges can be found abroad in the EU - backed up by Austrian school and German rationalist liberalism. Sound money, fiscal prudence (aka austerity), liberal reform, small state, they all have a new home - and it ain't Blighty.

One might imagine that British "practical liberalism", of the Hume etc. heritage, might be something we could contribute to blend and balance the siblings of continental rational liberalism, but since we have none of it left to offer Europe, I'm not sure Europe has anything to gain from our involvement with them.

On the other hand, the EU's rules and regs limitations to our state have a great benefit to us, bereft as we are of any classical, rational, or neo liberalism ourselves.

So there are now two strong arguments for remaining in the EU if me-me-me is your priority: The above, and the "accidental Liberty" (copyright SoD) argument I.e. that while HMG and EU and locked in supremacy combat, they leave me-me-me alone, because neither has the energy bandwidth left to boss me-me-me around.


'Pur-lease', SoD, do not try and tell me that the bureaucratic, top-down, regulation-loving EU is run by graduates of the Austrian school. Poor old Hayek would be spinning in his grave!

H cummon SoD - that's utter bollocks and you know it. You only saying it to wind up your old man...

There is an element of wanting to wind him up, because he deserves it for being a splitter and joining a political movement and dropping leaflets through people's letterboxes.

But there is more than an element of truth in it too. The left hates the elements of the EU that are neo-liberal, sound money, fiscal prudence (aka austerity), liberal reform, small state. Without the Jerries and their Austrian school mentality behind them, the EU would indeed descend into the "EU-SSR" famed by Kipper agitprop.

But so long as the Jerries keep ramming their "System, Logic, Reason" liberalism down the throat of Brussels, it's the least worst option - not near perfect, but least worst.

But I can't point to or movement in Britain with any characteristic that could lay claim to being a descendant of the Thatcher, Reagan, Hayek, Friedman, fraternity - or even one politician.

So I roll on the side my bread is buttered - and if that rattles the old splitter into the bargain, well, it wouldn't do for everyone to loll about D&N agreeing with each other.


As I walked out of the TA Centre for the last time, my old Seargant Major bellowed after me from the bar room window: "Doofy" - for he was a Northerner - "Whatever you do, remember who you fookin' well are".

Give this a read ...

... and as you stuff each letterbox with another screed of Ukip agitprop pap, well, remember who you fookin' well are!


Ach so, it is 'Deutschland uber alles' that you are in favour of, 'SoD', very British of you, I'm sure! And British is what you are, as your no doubt long suffering Sergeant Major was trying to tell you!

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