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Wednesday, 02 March 2016


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"the first living thing to crawl out from the sea" with a cry of "haud ma pint an' watch this"

Spot on with the accent, Jannie!

The funniest comic cartoon I looked at was Hagar the Horrible. This little sea creature was emerging from the depth very slowly for decades hoping to meet something and when it arrived Hagar was sitting there scratching his baws and a bottle in his hands. The wee creature turned sadly and returned to the depth. Now Hagar could have been a British or USA soldier on leave. Och Aye Ra Noo and up yer Kilt David.

Some of you gents sure talk some "odd English".

Jimmy, I haven't seen a 'Hagar the Horrible' cartoon for yonks, very funny they were.

And Whiters, talking of 'odd English', have you been to 'Arkieland' recently?

David, I haven't been to "Arkieland" in a while, nor have I seen much of their Ambassador, the Right Honorable JK. He must be busy.

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