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Monday, 21 March 2016


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Never wise to play chicken with the village idiot.

I would presume that this is just a continuation of his strategy of rattle cage/ collect concessions.

However, given that the down side of any miscalculation on the part of the USA could
lead to disaster I hope they are keeping their powder dry. I would like to think the NSA has its finger firmly on the pulse and would be able to give some advance warning of serious offensive action.

However the record of the NAS and CIA in this respect is not lamentable - it is far worse than that.

So yes indeed worrying times especially as I am scheduled to be NY in April... Oh bugger!

But does Kim know it is Bluff and Bluster?

Kim is dangerous precisely because he's an idiot. Ignorance and (nuclear) power -- always a bad combination.

Could it be that the US is poking the loonie with a stick so that he then overreacts and sends loonie messages? The military can then justify their salaries by "protecting" the folks back home.

Those uniforms... OMFG! Even the likes of George Patton and General Gaddafi would have baulked at wearing something like that!!

No, Jamie, I really doubt that, this time.

Jannie, can you give us an example of this poking?

In the forces we called it scrambled egg. Medals and rope like curtain hangers over the shoulder. If you were an officer and flew over a country you got a campaign medal although you did not have a clue what country. But it looks good and gets you into events and access to the drinks cabinet. Cheers . I have my one medal and bar and I look plain.
My dad sold all his World War 11 medals to a pawn broker because he was skint.

At some point it will all end in tragedy. However we do not know whose and when. Things are brewing nicely in that part of the globe as China arbitrarily takes over the South China sea and does nothing to curb her petulant neighbour North Korea. It must be obvious to a blind deaf person that something at sometime has to give.

Humans acting like humans again being immature going too far not knowing when to stop. Playing chicken CB as far as I can see is on the off. And when you have a mixture of insanity, arrogance, hubris and ambitions of aggrandisement which all statesman have to some degree. In spades as far as China and North Korea is concerned. Then you have potentially a very lethal cocktail that does not bode well for that region and which could well spill over to the rest of the world.

It has occurred to me that what is happening there is China's game plan to keep her citizens looking outwards and not inwards and so notice that all is not well on China' economic front. She is worried about social unrest developing as the economy tanks. Another factor pointing to this is her recent tightening of control over her own citizens.

Dom - the exercises in that area by the USAF and USN and the South Korean defence forces always look to me like gawpers visiting Bedlam.

I seem to remember a joke about Goering on the lines that at the bottom of his much bemedalled and outsized tunic it said "Please see other side" - still, he had nothing on these guys!

They must be members of bowling clubs.

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