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Thursday, 17 March 2016


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He could shore up his budget by leaving the EU that 15 billion contribution would be a windfall for him. Yet he still clings to the idea that being in the EU is good for us. He must be really dumb if has not worked out that not having to contribute an ever rising eye boggling amount to the EU each year is sufficient reason on it's own to leave.

Antis, I hereby appoint you Chancellor of the Exchequer!

Like so many others he's got his eye on the consultancies, directorships and mind-boggling payola to come.

Perhaps I should point out that I was referring to Georgy boy, not Antisthenes!

Perhaps that's why he keeps edging up the high tax threshold!

I thought Osborne made a reasonable fist of his first couple of budgets - things were really dodgy back then after god knows how many years of Brown.

However he has completely failed to capitalise on it as his own miserable ambition has vaulted, and he has become a Brown-like figure - tweaking and adjusting, borrowing trillions from generations yet unborn to pay for his economic incompetence and desire to buy first the EU referendum and then the premiership - with our money!

In other news, the EU continues its lurching progress towards its ignominous demise. The referendum is looking a bit more winnable with each day that passes at the moment.

I think he muffed it early on although, of course, he had the il-Lib-non-Dems breathing down his neck. In the 'shock 'n' horror' of the global crisis he could have slashed government spending and reduced our debt to nil. Gutless wimp!

I think the Eton boys want out of this EU corrupt mafia but have to appear differently.
The get out must really get out and campaign.
We cannot have loonie Islamists running amock in our cities at their leisure killing our people. The EU have facilitated terrorists with their weak and blind liberal policies.
And we need to campaign to ensure Turkey does not get EU membership.

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