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Thursday, 10 March 2016


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They are totalitarians, which is to say Leftists. Leftism is a wasting disease. To disagree with them makes one a "right wing" fascist.

"Leftism is a wasting disease". Well, if it reduces my waistline then it's not all bad!

Obama is a stat black as well he not only became president because of his snazzy punch line "Yes we can" promising every American what ever their hearts desired but because the Americans wanted to salve their conscience and atone for slavery.

Very silly thing to do as we are all learning to our costs. What were the Americans thinking there was enough evidence to show that having a Black person running a country was a dumb thing to do. As every country that was and is run by a black person does not do very well. To put it mildly.

No doubt that statement will have many screaming racist. Well if telling the truth is racism then so be it. As it has turned out Afro-Americans have probably suffered worst under his administration so he has done them no favours there. The world is a less safe place, racism in the US is worse than it has been for a long time and the Federal budget is in a mess and civil liberties are being eroded thanks to him.

Antis, when you walk into a bar, does everyone else walk out?

I agree with Antis. History is on our side. It may not be pretty but its substantially true.

Antis wrapped it up pretty well.

Antis, alas and alack, if only it was that simple just to suppose that because a man is black he has all the sins. Unfortunately, life being messy, you have the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and so on, ad infinitum, to prove your theory wrong. The beast lies within all of us!

"The beast lies within all of us!"

See, this is why I keep coming back to your blog! Well put!

Thanks, Dom, I assume the food parcel is in the post!

Dom. Now you mention it I believe they do.

DD. I think you can point the finger at any group and recognise traits that all members of that group have in common. There are always exceptions of course but calculation of ability or lack of it can only be done taking the group as a whole. That does not mean not giving individuals from a group who we are wary of a chance. However the onus is on that individual to prove he/she merits that chance. Not be given that chance because it is the decent thing to do.

Every group gains a reputation and there is usually a substantive reason for them having gained it. Over time that reputation becomes no longer deserved but is hard to discard. Sometimes that reputation cannot be discarded because it still applies.

Fair enough, Antis, as far as it goes which, alas, is not very far. For a start you hit the tricky problem of judging the characteristics of a group and then wondering whether you should apply those judgments to an individual. Or, of course, you could wrestle with the problem the other way round, starting with an individual and then extending it to the entire group. Neither can be relied upon not least, of course, because we, as individuals, approach the problem carrying our set of characteristics!

Treat as you find, I think is the best way to approach the problem.

DD. Certainly "treat as you find" is good. Judge the person not the reputation. Mostly that is a good axiom but on occasion it is better to not do so. As I have found out a few times to my regret. On one such occasion I hired someone from a race that had a reputation for dishonesty because I felt that minority groups should be given a chance. The person did not come over as being shady. His qualification were not quite up to the standards I really required but I thought I would help him to improve them which I did. That person robbed me blind.

Ah yes, Antis, the school of hard knocks, I've been there! Alas, none of us has second sight only, if we're lucky, a second chance.

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