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Monday, 28 March 2016


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Ordered that book from Amazon for a penny plus postage.

'Soddit'! My hardback edition cost £25 and I can hardly lift the damn thing! I do hope you enjoy it, Oswald, but you need to take it a bit at a time, the people involved and their machinations are complex. However, happily, Adamson writes very clear English. It's a bit like reading a thriller even though you know the ending! Let me know what you think in due course.

As a member in good standing of the "English speaking world", I am eager to hear about the emergence of Cromwell in your reporting when he emerges. "Who Rules" is precisely the question at this point in time. I believe the time is fast coming for some of those "events dear boy" that Churchill mentioned.

He's already had a few mentions but I'm only just beginning 1642. Dammit, I never knew this period was so fascinating!

"Events, dear boy" was, I am pretty sure, MacMillan.

Winston, I think, would have come up with something a bit pithier.

MacMillan? Our host has led me to believe it was least I think it was our host. Anyway...them events.

Not guilty, Whiters, it was always dear old Harold MacMillan: "Events, dear boy, events."

Got it!

Book arrived yesterday morning, in really good nick; looks as if never been opened. Will certainly give my views on it later, but you've never given me a bum steer yet!

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