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Tuesday, 29 March 2016


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My god! That is the biggest turd polishing exercise I have seen in a long time. I managed to keep it to dry heaves as I was reading, but you Mr Duffers must be held responsible if others cannot!

Timbo, I am no lover of 'Ol Big Ears' but as far foreign policy is concerned I think he has it, more or less, right. I will blog on it in more detail later - in the meantime, try not to splash your shoes!

Thanks for the link. I've just emerged from the required marathon reading session, and I have to say that I agree with you. I do think a bit better of the man now. Part of this is due to accessing the undoubted rationality behind his policies: he knows what he is doing. And partly it is to do with separating out my own disappointments about his foreign policy and how it makes the UK less safe, from his attempts to do the best for America. There is no more Pax Americana, and that is probably better for Americans, but worse for us.

Nevertheless, Timbo above has a point. That was a very one-sided interview, and I would appreciate a more astringent approach of similar weight and scope.

Very fine journalism, though - a joy to read.

Well, it wasn't, I think a single interview but an amalgam of several interviews over a period of time. Nevertheless, it was a fascinating read. The only thing that really irritated me was his fanatical belief in global warming. I'm tempted to ask what planet he's living on!

Yes, sorry - should have said account. He's almost lived with Obama, it seems!

thank you very much for shared

I love the way Ol' Big Ears denies the "Clash of Civilisations" template in one breath, while in the second says "Let's draw a line around all the tribal areas of the world that aren't like us, and disengage them on that basis i.e. the basis being 100% civilisation, and because we can't defeat tribal operations in warfare, in other words, a clash of arms we lose". And that's not a clash of civilisations! Honestly, you couldn't make it up. But politically we can understand why such double-think has to be said, and as such, it's politic.

And how he doesn't fully mention the unmentionable: Bait and Bleed. Except he says that if Putin wants to put his cock and bollocks on the block of the ME, and join all the other ME cocks and bollocks on the ME block, then, well, "Never interrupt your enemy(s) when he's making a mistake" ... Spot on politically.

And then, of course, as I've been saying for so long, he tries to "do stuff". Climate change. A fucking salt lamp.

Jeez man, stick to the politics, and don't try to "do stuff". Coz at doing stuff, you suck.


We in the West have not had our oil supply or trade interfered with. I doubt Obama can do much about the Syrian situation except use air power to help deplete ISIS. It will be a long process. Obama can do very little against the mad Sunni suicide bombers who are on the loose except trying to have common agreement with other countries and stop the nutters from entering our countries and moreso their female incubators.
Other than that I do not have a clue how successful he has been with domestic policy.
My money is still on Trump.

The ME stuff (Syria) is and has been (will be) the right stuff David. I'm thinking whatever you follow-up with I'll pretty much agree with. Our recent Secretaries of State too oh, "exerting too much influence" the biggest part of the problem. Our "think-tanks."

The climate-change shit is rubbish.

Jimmy's saying "the mad Sunni [Wahhabists/Saudi] bombers" is a very important thing to always have bearing in mind.

But overall David, I think you'll find me supporting "much" of what you might say - might not be able to express it as I had me quite recently "a gift from that nice Mr. Gates" and am (until my new Mac is delivered) stuck with a laptop keyboard.

JK! Not you, a splitter too! From the path of righteousness to Crapple.

This seems to be the year of the splitter.

Maybe it's a good omen for the outters ...


Welllll LOZ

I've always been a Not Syria fan so, take it anyway you might.

You know SoD, ... on a Search my name comes up on Wikileaks ...

That was trouble enough and now, apparently, I've got you.

DON'T DO IT, JK!!! Not, of course that I know anything about 'Crapple', as Sod puts it so wittily, but everyone who uses it turns into an 'A1 crasher of the first order', er, that's 'bore' in English English'! It's as though they have suddenly 'got religion'!

Also, an example of distant causality, the "butterfly effect", and all that, in a little not-joke: What have hundreds of US service personnel and thousands of the people of Lugansk and Donetsk got in common? They're still alive because of 600 hot air merchants in Blighty's Houses of Parliament.

OBE started the week 51 to 49 in favour of bombing Assad. Said his red lines stuff, and set the coordinates. Then the 600 hot air merchants said "No, we're not joining you". Oh, dear, now it's 49 to 51 against. A long walk around the garden later, and mission's postponed - indefinitely. A word in Putin's ear "Do me a favour guv, get the chems out". Vlad has a word in Assad's ear "Get rid of the chems and we'll put Rooskie air support and boots on the ground to take their place, coz the Yanks aren't interested and won't do shit to stop us". Slight interlude while Crimea and East Ukraine kicks off. Then Vlad's got to call a halt to the Ukraine adventure and bus his rent-mob hard-nuts out to Latakia to honour his commitment to Assad, who, without chems, is losing and desperate.

So how many thousands of Ukies and hundreds of US service folks alive and kicking because of that "butterfly effect"?


I hear, er, I mean 'see' what you say, SoD, even if I have to read it several times to understand it. Save your ammo for later when I have written my next post on the subject of Obama's foreign policy.

And SoD, 435 who'd had to put their names onit which, come election-time and ... 21 gun salutes at Arlington probably'd made the terribly bad ... worse.

JK, Crapples are fine.

Problem is they work too well. Did you ever meet a Crapple consultant? On the other hand, if you're reading this you know at least one Microsoft consultant.

Phewee JK, you hacked your way into the military-industrial complex with a complaint email! I could've attached a little wormware to it and then we'd have had some fun! Mind you, might have ended up retiring to Moscow for beers with Richard and Alexey. But from now on I'll never believe anyone who says they don't keep all our correspondence.

Bloody hell, if they keep complaint emails they must have a datacentre somewhere dedicated to storing the Gaffer's whinges and moans :-)


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