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Saturday, 26 March 2016


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At the time of the Labour leadership election Parris tried to register his four llamas as Labour Party supporters. I think he's still peeved that one of them didn't become leader, although why he's taking it out on Boris I'm not so sure.

As you say, Parris understandably focuses on the homophobia, but there is also the issue of racism. He openly referred to black children as "piccaninnies" with "watermelon smiles", and it is difficult to imagine any other politician who would (in London, of all places!) be forgiven this. He also pissed off Liverpudlians over Hillsborough and Ken Bigley, which are issues of extreme sensitivity.

I suppose some people might be taken in, but Johnson has always seemed to me to be a repellent blustering oaf. As you say, a choice between him and Corbyn to run the country is not a pleasant position to be in.

Hear, hear.


I second that Lawrence.

Enoch Powell, Jack Ashley, Joe Gormly and Margaret Thatchers first two terms of office after that not a politician worth a toss unless,maybe, Gove.

Also, in case anyone hadn't noticed, London is an absolute dog's breakfast in respect of the only area that has had any input from BoJo: The roads.

And by choosing Brexit, he puts at risk (me being moderate here, I would instinctively say condemns) the finance industry whose core is the heart of London and supplies London's lifeblood. A treachery to Londoners, his own electorate, plain and simple, like those treacheries to his wife and all the "Cinq-a-Sept" mistresses he lied to with promises of marriage to loosen the knicker elastic (I've never stooped that low). A clear pattern here.

And btw, in his Speccie days his trousers were more off than on; "Cinq-a-Sept was lunchtime onwards, so I am told.

And then the mimicry of Churchill - the stoop, puffed out cheeks, getting his buddy Charles Moore to write an article bigging up his Churchillian qualities.

Yuk. That's BoJo in a nutshell.


Loz. I believe the city is in more danger within the EU than outside. The envious French and Germans are lining up to nick as much as possible for them selves and transfer it to Paris and Frankfurt. Brussels is making great strides with their regulations and other plans to undermine the cities competitiveness with other financial centres around the world. So no Boris may be guilty of many things but that is not one of them.

I am glad Gove's name cropped up as for me he is the man for me to be the next leader of the Conservative party and hopefully PM. Boris I compare with Nigel Farage all shiny veneer but no substance. Neither does detail and it shows as they never have a grasp of the subject matter that they pontificate on. Boris is proving a liability not a help to the Brexit campaign he must be sidelined.

Boris will be the man just like Trump. Do not take them for being fools.

'Just like Trump' - yes, Jimmy, that's what worries me!

Boris is untrustworthy - in fact, he is not even trusted by other politicians!

Exactly so, 'H', and since then I have read Nick Cohen's assassination piece in The Guardian - ouch!

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