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Thursday, 24 March 2016


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And could we do it again today

I sincerely hope so. You are going to need them to do a bit of house cleaning when you leave the EUSSR and need to deal with the problems of the people of no description.

The 6 pounder was a totally inadequate weapon for taking on something like a Tiger. It seems that the range was very close and he got some side on shots in.


We produced so many because we were still self-confident as a nation and had not been emasculated by Equality, Elf n'Safety, and the Multi-Cultis.

And no, we will never manage it again; we will simply cringe and bury our heads in the sand, as we are doing now when faced with militant Islam.

"...militant Islam." You repeat yourself.

Yes, quite right, Richard, the 6-pdr was the equivalent of a peashooter! I gather from the obit that the Germans attacked through a mist which was sort of lucky for Hunter and his comrades because when the Tigers suddenly appeared they were at close range which gave them half a chance.

My Uncle James Clark served with the KOSB in India 1927-1935. He was then being a trained soldier called up for WW2. He went to France with the BEF and was evacuated from Dunkirk. I have donated his history to the KOSB Museum in Berwick upon Tweed.

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