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Wednesday, 09 March 2016


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What that poor little creature has to swim 5000 miles each year just to thank this guy. You would think the guy would tell the penguin that once was enough. How heartless is that.

That's you at Sidmouth David - when global cooling gets going.

I give up on you, Antis, you are obviously suffering with galloping grumpiness!

No creature of God's earth would swim 5,000 miles to see me, Uncle Mort.

Aah, a boy and his penguin.
It don't get much better than that.

They are no good to eat. Taste more like stringy fish than chicken. However Leopard Seals find them delicious - as do Orcas.

Stop it, AussieD, this is supposed to be an 'aaaaaah moment' not a 'munchies-crunchie' one!

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