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Thursday, 24 March 2016


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"They stand in direct contrast with the likes of Ian Duncan Smith who was educated at a state school followed by the Merchant Navy College and then Sandhurst. He served several years in the Scots Guards including service in Ulster before leaving and entering politics. Not that any of that makes him inevitably more intelligent than Dave 'n' George but it did provide him with a wider horizon than that which you cans see from Westminster."

If you think that's a qualification for running entire industries, then you've lost the plot.

The people who have succeeded in a competitive market, and not only survived without going bust, but risen to the very top, like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, alan Sugar, etc., if asked "Can you run an entire industry from the top down better than having the industry run as a competitive market?" would all say "No, I can't do that. The market would always outperform any individual or monopoly in charge of the lot, even the best individuals with a proven track record of getting to the top of the market, like us."

And a public sector jockey like IDS (which is what the army is, after all, pure public sector, and the worst, most inefficient, most negligent, and incompetent of the lot - where the least worst idiot general wins the battle) wouldn't have got a job as a tea boy in Gates, Branson, or Sugar's operations.


I thought, SoD, that you at least had an O-level in reading! Nowhere did I suggest that IDS could run a business. Equally, about the only thing to make me emigrate is the thought of a country run by the likes Branson!

In case you don't get the message, politics is NOT business!

... Or Donald Trump, David. A businessman with a decidedly chequered history who could possibly assume the mantle of the leader of the free world!

P.S. Lawrence, I think for a change that we are actually singing from exactly the same hymn-sheet when it comes to the Donald!

IDS is the one that thinks politics is business, he ran the welfare business while a politician, and never said "I shouldn't be doing this".

I'm the one who says politics isn't business, and Cameron and Osborne who know they couldn't run so much as a whelkstall.

Osborne wants to raise the minimum wage to the living wage and cancel welfare altogether. Good man.

IDS wants to spend more on welfare because "he knows how to run the welfare industry". Yet like all public sector losers, he can never do more for less. Rather he can only less for more. And Osborne said enough already.

Good riddance to the wooden-topped nob-jockey.


"The decline and fall of societal liberty, prosperity, and happiness, such as it may be found in a society, is everywhere and always due to politicians trying to run the means of production and distribution."


Dear old SoD - never one to let the facts get in the way of a good rant!

Don't worry, Cuffers, he's just practicing at being a boring old fart. I wonder where he gets that from?!

Good point Loz. I was going to say that IDS is a rare politician he actually has principle although not enough to put party unity before self. Mises or Hayek I remember not which tells us that politicians who have principle cannot get themselves elected because they have to employ ever unprincipled thing they can to secure votes. One thing they must do is use every unprincipled means they can to convince voters that they do have principle. Hilary Clinton is a shinning example of that.

Yep, I agree Anti.

Even good ol' Ronnie had to qualify his legendary statement "In the present conditions, Government is the problem, not the solution", so as to bring along pols who weren't true Libertarians by comforting them that when the "conditions" passed it would be business as usual for them.

It is possible to use the dark arts in favour of Liberty.

Maybe Cameron and Osborne are doing just that.


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