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Thursday, 17 March 2016


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Murder rate still roaring ahead in Midsomer County.

More research needed !

Murder rate still roaring ahead in Midsomer County.

Most dangerous piece of turf in the UK. No wonder John Nettle [aka C.I.Barnaby] had to retire - just plain tuckered out with all that work. Not to mention his dipstick missus Joyce.

Perhaps the homicide rate has gone down in proportion to the ability of doctors to heal victims of violence has gone up.

AussieD fear not, set 26 of Midsomer Murders is bound to be released soon. Crime will surge. Just not in Somerset.

It was noticed some years ago that 'yoof' criminality began to decline ten years or so after the transition to unleaded petrol (gasoline for our American readers).

I was working in the city's central emergency room (tr. Casualty Department) thirty five years ago, and even then, if you got to the hospital with a beating heart, and sometimes even if it had stopped, you would live. A head shot or straight to the heart, both difficult feats of marksmanship, would be the only way to make sure one was well and truly dead. So as an old ER jockey, thanks for the kind thought, but we can't really claim credit.

BTW, the murder rate in four US cities is nearly as high as Causton. Other than those four places, the US murder rate is somewhere down there with Finland. Damn those blood-thirsty Finns!

I blame Global Warming!

(Well somebody has to.)

Just yesterday I jotted down what I figured to be a "totally wasted effort."

Arkansas comes in at #3 for the number of registered guns per 1000 citizens. Illinois comes in #35. California #40. (Puerto Rico was on the list too, but I can't be bothered to remember which place.)

And where do you suppose ol' JK feels safer going out "unadorned?"

I was beginning to worry about you, JK, been busy down at the firing range, I suppose!

However, I have it on good authority that the reason for the fall in homicide by gun in Arkansas is down to Barney Magroo because the miss rate is enormous!

I'm surprised by these statistics.
We seem to have more murders than ever before
in Aus.

It seems that to murder is an easy option if you want rid of someone knowing you will get a few years in the slammer and claim your human righs are being violated because you do not have a single ensuite cell with Sky TV. Personally I think the death sentence should be introduced in the UK. It was a rare thing and a scandal to hear of a murder when I was young. Now it is a common everyday happening.

Andra, No, no, that's not possible. Australia severely restricted private gun ownership a few years ago, so the murder rate is much lower, now. (Isn't it?)

Michael the stats for Oz

The latest report of the National Homicide Monitoring Program reveals there were 247 victims and 260 offenders in 2010-11 and 264 victims and 272 offenders in 2011-12.

That works out to a national rate of 1.1 victims per 100,000 people, the lowest since the program started in 1989.

By comparison, the 2012 rate in the US was 4.7 murders per 100,000.

John Howard's seizure of our firearms only took them off the law abiding. The villains still have or acquire them

Aussie D is right. The crims still have plenty of guns and it seems everybody, male and female, has a knife now and they don't hesitate to use it on anybody who annoys them.
Road rage is rampant and, as far as I'm concerned, everybody's on Ice.
A month or so ago after a weekend driver blitz, the police announced that one in seven drivers is drunk, but one in four is on Ice.

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