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Tuesday, 08 March 2016


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Yes Duffers, but one of the finest pieces of crumpet in sport.

Nah, not my type, Cuffers, and anyway, she never answers my letters!

Your bringing up sports serves to remind me that I have not told you about fish oil capsules. You had mentioned giving up swimming, which I know that you very much enjoyed, because of "stiffness." I'll jump to contusions that you were describing arthritis. I had that. Note the verb tense. I started taking fish oil capsules a year and a half ago, and I realized, a few months back, that my hands no longer hurt, that I could barely remember them hurting. The capsules look daunting, but they are so slick, they go right down, and, if you take a high enough dose, the Arthur Itis becomes a dim legend. Even if you happen to burp, there is no fishy taste. Take the highest dose you can find, morning and night. Just do it, and, in a few months, you'll remember that you used to be stiff. Best of luck with it.

@ michael whats so great about remembering you used to be stiff... Try viagra!

No, no, Cuffers, stop being a naughty boy, Michael is merely referring to my arthritis.

Michael thanks for the tip which coming from a medic is worth considering. I will check with my Quack and see what he says - although I don't always pay him much heed.

David, I am not a tennis fan but on occasion I watch the wummin tennis. I like that little wiggle from the rear end of the woman waiting to receive the ball! Aye.

Jimmy, down boy!!!

"One of the finest pieces of crumpet in sport."

I thoroughly agree Cuffley, however I now have a vision of the poor girl sobbing and pouring vodka on her cornflakes...

Michael, have you developed gills yet?

I for one would like to have her grunt and shriek but not on the tennis court. As I am a pervy dirty old man like you Duffers but sadly I know what I hope for is forlorn.

Jimmy, I worry about you sometimes!

Richard, you must be an expert on Russian crumpet by now!

Even so, Antis, a man may dream, may he not?

Fish oil capsules can be a wonder unless, like me, you are an avid fisherman. Sometimes when I stand in our bass boat and cast a lure into the water...I get a powerful urge to dive in after it.

Well, apropos your other comment, that might cool down your excitable temperament, Whiters!

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