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Sunday, 06 March 2016


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I've thought that maybe you'd like it.

Ortega, thank you and I am delighted to hear from you again after a long absence - I was beginning to worry! Anyway, It's all I needed to publish one of his pictures.

Thanks, to both of you, for the Klee. Mesmerizing!

When the American colonies commenced their rebellion against the Crown, it was widely believed that the common people were not capable of self government. The aftermath of the French Revolution seemed to confirm this notion as a few decades later, the same sort of people were back in charge of government. These many generations later, western governments have run amuck and the average person is right back under their control. How is this accomplished? Easy--subsidy payments of every kind to the masses necessary to gain control.

This is pretty funny. About Trump.

Thanks, Dom, that was a hoot!

Hugh Laurie a villain? American fans of his will be horrified.

Hugh Laurie, to my wife, will always be 'Bertie Wooster'. To me, he is 'Dr. Gregory House'. He also plays a mean piano.

Wait 'til you see "The Night Manager", Whiters, and you will see what I'm talking about, he'll give you the shivers and all done with the easiest of Etonian charm - creepy!

Vote Leave.

I read that Les Frogs are threatening to put all the Calais rapeugees lot on ferries and point them at the UK if you lot vote to leave. If my memory serves me correctly the last time Les Frogs had such thoughts a bloke called Nelson gave them a right bollocking.

Frau Turdmerkel's mob also had problems

There is still a Royal Navy isn't there?

Re the naval option the sequence usually goes:'

Target bearing green/red [insert number] degrees.

Range [insert number] metres.

Load [nominate shell type]


If you have ever seen the effect of a 4" HE shell you'll know why not too many people want to be on the receiving end. One close ranging shot should be a powerful disincentive to cross the Channel.

You are being threatened with invasion after all.

Do your pollies have the balls to do it?

"Royal Navy", AussieD, what's that then? You're not trying to sell me something, are you?

David, I have never seen Mr. Tom Hiddleston performing but I take your word over his suitability for the part of Bond.

I have just finished watching Spectre (I must have been one of the only Brits left on the planet not to have seen it up until now) and I have to say that whoever succeeds Daniel Craig has an almost impossibly hard act to follow. Dammit, he plays Bond as Bond is meant to be played, as a devil on the side of the angels, and he gives the character an air of real menace. You certainly wouldn't want to mess with Craig's Bond!

AussieD. The comments from the Frogs are desperation of a country that has failed its people and probably knowingly let terrorists into their country. Now they want to rid themselves off a few! to Britain. The EU has failed miserably and the Brits know this however will we vote to get out of this mafia racket or just succumb to it. We have a vote and their will be no excuse for what are the consequences.

Regarding the rugby tackle in the photo, as far as I know, for a tackle to be legitimate, it must be from waist height down. If that is the case, then surely the tackle in the photograph is legal... Unconventional, yes, but legal!!! P.S. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong.

I can't help you on that one, Richard, not least because rugby has become laughable as well as boring ever since so many of them turned into uber-steroidal giants who look like escapees from a Hammer Films horror story!

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