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Friday, 11 March 2016


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"EU leaders" is sounding more like a term for "in prison". Soon.

Unless enough of us try a Stalagluft III escape in June¬

Remind me who voted for Cameron last May?

Centuries ago the Turks were stopped at Vienna and another invasion was halted at Tours. All the invaders were Muslim. Well those two great victories over Islam are being avenged by them now they are streaming northwards again and we do not have the ability this time to stop them. So yes DD we must withdraw from the EU as it is not an ally we can trust in as she has proven so often not to be in the past and still is. Retreat to our Island fortress and pull up the drawbridge and wait out the coming shit storm that is going to engulf the rest of Europe.

BOE. Voting in Cameron has at least got us a referendum and the fact of that is exposing the EU for the dreadful thing she is as never before.

"we do not have the ability this time to stop them"

Of course we do! We could, for instance, stop trying to bribe the Turks and just threaten them. We could run a shuttle of landing craft between Greece and Turkey, and Italy and Libya, and just dump the migrants on the beach. It is will, not ability, that is lacking.

BOE. Yes we could if we had the same backbone and resolve that our ancestor had that threw back the last invasions. These days the milk sops, progressives and bleeding hearts brigade have convinced us and especially our leaders that an open arms policy is the best option. Which of course is economic, democratic and cultural suicide.

We should have a referendum on whether Turks are allowed to invade Britain!

It is will, not ability, that is lacking.

You got it in one boe. Gutless is what your [and now our] leaders are.

I have to the conclusion that the basic problem with the leaders of the West is that they are stupid!

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