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Thursday, 24 March 2016


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David, honestly I had no idea a camera was there. Now I must lie to my wife...cleverly.

I thought one of them looked vaguely familiar . . .

Capt Pugwash says up the Jolly Roger! God Save the Queen and the Union Flag.
Just look at all those countries that left the Empire except the USA Whitewall.

You have done OK I suppose. I think a closer relationship with the UK and USA is needed. We need to get out of the EU immediately. The EU have lost the plot knowingly letting in terrorists. The EU actually admit that they have let Jihadists who have fought in the Middle East get back to Europe. The EU politician's are responsible for mass murder and should be held to account.

Hey Jimmy. Once we have an American President it would help. Otherwise I agree with you completely. Europe and Britain have to come to grip with "first enemies", and it isn't Islam. Islam is the symptom. It seems with every terror attack, the truth will occur to every country. Hope it isn't too late.

Oh Jimmy, check this out...

At the bottom, notice the link to Auster's First Law. Open it. See if it doesn't fit to a tee.

As a newly arrived Brit in New Zealand, I tried to keep out of the discussion as far as possible. However the NZ Government thought otherwise and put me on the Electoral roll so I voted. I can't see why anyone would want to turn their backs on the splendid history that New Zealand has and get rid of such a dignified flag. One of the reasons for change is that it is easily confused with the Aussie one. The difference is quite clear, NZ has the four star Southern Cross, and the Aussies have six stars. Simples.

Thanks, John, and welcome to D&N. I hope you enjoy your life 'right down under there'. Actually, based on the skimpiest knowledge I always think of NZ as one of the most civilised countries in the world.

Whitewall, News breaking in Glasgow Scotland tonight. A popular Muslim shopkeeper has been murdered this Thursday for wishing Christians a happy Easter another man has been injured. A Muslim has been arrested. It will be swept under the carpet.

Well, all I can say is "Lock up your sheep when the Kiwis are around!

"Lock up your sheep when the Kiwis are around!

Only the ewes Andra. Our cousins across the pond are not "that way" you know.

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