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Tuesday, 01 March 2016


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Our honoured friends and colleagues, accepted as such by the left that is, the new and old immigrants coming to our fair and pleasant land are keen that our sceptred Isle should be turned into something resembling their former homeland. A third world shit hole that is a theocracy. So Jezza will give them it as he carries on Labour's and the progressives work in making it a reality except he will do it with much more vigour and not opaquely as other before him have done. If we give him the chance that is and no doubt there enough stupid enough to do just that.

Well, Antis, if we are 'stoopid' enough to do that then we deserve the outcome.

David, Enoch gave us a fair warning and it was not long before the Sharia mob hit the streets of Britain. It started long before 9/11. When you invite a culture that detests you into your country then do not be surprised about the outcome.

"Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs."
--Charles James Napier.

Jimmy, much as I admire some of Enoch's pronouncements he was wrong about West Indian immigration. The fact is that they have been well assimilated. So to the Hindu Asians. It's just the Muslims that troublesome.

Alas, Miss Red, these days the law increasingly bends under 'political correctness'.

Yep, Jezza is the real deal.

And the only thing holding him back is the EU. Brit society is infested with huge powerbases desperate for a vast extension of state power and a return to the 1970's: Greens, students, public sector, unions, large corporates (their clientalist and patronage relationship with the state), Ukippers, Northerners, Londoners.

That by-election where labour was expected to get massacred? Didn't happen.

And Jezza can keep quiet about his pro-Brecit ambitions to keep the moderate left in his orbit and let the socialist right (Ukip and paternalist state Tories) do the dirty work.

Without the EU, all those "blobs" will have free rein.

But that's actually what you want.


You're suffering with galloping hyperbole, SoD, you should see a doctor! And you don't have to tell me about all those Left-wing loons, I lived through the Wilson/Heath years when they ran amok but, guess what, the GBP finally had enough and voted in 'that woman' and things have never been the same since. Now tell me, when the EU politbureau takes leave of such senses as they have, what will we, the GBP, be able to about it? I'll give you a clue - ask the average Greek!

"the GBP finally had enough and voted in 'that woman' and things have never been the same since"


Thatcher has been successfully demonized by the Blair and Brown era, and there is no party in Britain or powerbase that will directly associate with her philosophy or heritage.

Was it not Whiters the other day who said in response to me saying Brexit would be welcome back to a Britain of the choice of Ukip or Jezza like the 1970's: "Can't wait" or "Would it were true"?

No mention of Thatcher's small state policy by either of those two, just two big state bossy boots gagging to get their hands on the controls of the train set.

As for anyone from either of those parties mentioning Ronald Reagan's beautifully eloquent "We are the problem, not the solution" reference to himself and politicians in general, NOT A DICKY BIRD.

Just plans for everyone, ideas, projects, and my fucking money. As if they haven't had enough - they've taxed until my pips squeak, borrowed until we're bust, printed until we ran out paper, then Dave told us we should all take a day off to join the "Big Society" and work for free because it still wasn't enough, now Jezza and Nige want to do some more.

You muppets. You forgot who you are, and let the politicos persuade you to join a political party. The ultimate "Splitters", the worst case of "crossing the floor". All you will face is inevitable disappointment when you join the world of politics (Norman Tebbit, I believe).

Yes, that was a touch hyperbolical. But I feel better now.


You should have lie down and then ask yourself one simple question: given that most politicians are crap which do you think would be the easiest to change, a Westminster government every five years of a politbureau of self-appointed rulers who go on and on for virtually ever and only one of which is British?

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