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Monday, 07 March 2016


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"Anyway, the only grump I have is that I can't really grump about the BBC anymore!" You'll find a way.

Speaking of proper speaking and diction, as you probably suspect, I, as well as my wife, am a classic romantic and sometimes venture deep into our stash of older DVD films. I pulled out my collection of Jane Austen works and we began watching those a few days ago. It took some getting used to...all that complete and thorough use of vocabulary and proper tense and structure. It took practice but we are getting in the swing of it. Well, truthfully we are biding our time until the release of set 26 of "Midsomer Murders".

You and Mrs. Whiters have, according to the 'Memsahib', a treat to look forward to in "Doctor Thorne", based on Anthony Trollope's novel and written for TV by Julian Fellowes, he of "Downton Abbey" fame. Alas, I don't 'do' what I call 'bonnets and bustles' so I can offer no opinion. However, the Telegraph seems to approve:

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