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Tuesday, 08 March 2016


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I!don't!care!what!they!say! I!love!my!exclamation!marks!!!!

Surely any environmentally responsible person would recycle them!

Excellent, dear Miss Red, that settles the matter!

Good idea, Uncle Mort, you could use the dot as a full stop and the stroke as a figure 1.

I certainly couldn't live without exclamation marks!
Why would you want to?!!
Just because these nitwits don't know what to do with punctuation marks doesn't mean they don't exist and have a purpose.
Even ordinary old commas are very often used incorrectly nowadays but at least they are still available.
Apostrophes, of course, are a total mystery to 90% of the population and I doubt they even know about semi-colons!

Actually, Andra, I do feel sometimes that I should use semi-colons more often especially when I get even more long-winded than normal.

I like exclamation marks as an element of excitement. Sometimes my commenting can be very dry. I am often a very excitable man.

So Mrs Whiters tells me!

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