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Tuesday, 22 March 2016


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David, by the above measure I am a lot more polished than I thought I was. Thanks for this primer, it has made my day.

Don't thank me, Whiters, just tip the hat to the memory of the great Bernard Levin - and Will Shakespeare, of course!

Somehow I doubt that the great Will, whatever his virtues, actually coined all those phrases. I reckon they were common parlance in his time and place, and thanks to the enduring nature of his writings, have passed into common parlance and survived to this day. After all, we have no other 16th-century writings to compare him with, apart from the King James bible, which is a bit of a special case.

And btw (pedant mode ON), the wish would be father to the thought, not farther (Pedant mode OFF).

Andrew, I am struggling to maintain my above mentioned degree of polish.

I have several collections of Bernard Levin's writings, still worth reading even if the cause he was writing about is all but forgotten, but they do show just how abysmal and cowardly most modern journalism is (and that there is much better writing on many blogs).

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