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Sunday, 27 March 2016


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"I instinctively reach for my 7.62 SLR which, alas, I no longer have."

Disappointing. I assumed you had one packed in grease under the bed, against the possibility of Corbyn being elected.

Nah! Just a pair of really good quality running-shoes!

This couple can be the opening act of a freak show. I'll bet even his "johnson" has muscles...and her " apparatus" has a "don't enter" wall of muscle warning of suffocation/removal danger.

You might say that, Whiters, I couldn't possibly comment - in case they find out where I live!

I dare we did behave middling bad toward the Irish but this was at a time when everybody behaved badly to everybody.

Bear in mind they did it at a time when we were engaged in a life and death struggle victory in which would save the irish as well, so much so that large numbers of irish men went to the front and fought admirably.

The reaction of say the russians, the germans, french or belgians, austrians in similar circumstances would have considerably more peremptory. Notwithstanding that they since chose to be governed by exactly those paragons...

And lets not forget de Valera's performance in the second when he all but actively collaborated with the Nazis.

Nah fuck it, we've nothing to apologise for.

The Easter Rising was ill timed as WW1 was raging and the Irish / British were fighting the Kaiser.
The Irish like the Scots do like to moan and tell their hard done to stories inspite of the fact they prospered from the Union and were raised from their shitholes.
Ireland became a priest ridden dark country after independence with unprecedented abuse againt children and of course orphans being exploited in work houses.
Ireland would probably be fully independent if the Easter Rising had not happened.


Not actually a British SLR but a reproduction of the same basic thing.

Thanks, Hank, I'll take the first six, well, you know, just in case!

Jimmy, Anglo-Irish history is, appropriately, a bog into which I refuse to sink. Enough faults to share all around.

David, It was you English to blame! I Was a marksman with the SLR the weapon with the big kick however when that SA 80 came out it had to be fired right handed and being a leftie I failed my range for the first time after 18 years.

Yes, Jimmy, I'd forgotten the kick on the SLR, it always left me with a sore shoulder and a bruised cheek. Happily, as a radio operator I was always issued with a Stirling sub-machine gun, much lighter!

SLRs, tchah, likewise pshaw. I have a Mark IV QF 25 pounder in the shed - only needs assembling. Beat that, Duffers!

Oswald, honestly, when are you going to stop bragging that yours is bigger than mine?!

Dammit, that was really witty! (Grinds few remaining teeth.)

David I see the news of bathroom facilities there has made the news everywhere. Would you believe it has offended every pc god known and unknown?! All hell is descending on NC for being so backward thinking. Major corps are wanting to boycott the state, the ACLU---atheists, communists,liberals and undesirables--is bringing suit in Federal court for discrimination. We as a society have sunk that far with no end in sight!

Whiters, it sure is a mad, mad, mad, mad, world - and getting madder by the minute!

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