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Monday, 11 April 2016


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Thank you Duffers for this. Inspirational.

Uhm ... David?

After reading the obit you've pointed to, I wandered about abit. What's it all about Alfie (David)?

I'm not sure, JK, which of Mr. Halligan's two points you are referring to. Even I, a great pretender, cannot pretend that I have any detailed knowledge on international finance - except that central banks printing money will end in tears before bedtime!

As for Brexit, I am, as you know, a foot soldier for VOTE LEAVE, if not yet a General but I can assure you that the only sensible thing for us Brits to do is hit the exit running!

One of the few things that bring a tear to my eye is when British and Allied veterans die
and when David cracks jokes about Glesweggies. People are so sensitive nowadays. I think the EU coud get round to banning laughter and un PC jokes.
We are on the verge of getting rid of this useless gravy train of self important useless MEP'S, lets hope the British rise to the occasion.

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