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Wednesday, 20 April 2016


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I see that another bunch of Americans have written to us asking not to destroy the global economy by leaving the Froggie racket. My question is - why didn't they write to our friends in the EU asking them to cut us a good deal. Given how important they say it is to them?

I used to go there when I was very young, pretty much a toddler. My mother is from there, and my grandfather was the town councillor. We used to drive there from Pembroke in West Wales - 2 adults and 4 kids - in a VW Beetle!

For filing in the useless facts folder.

There is a Sidmouth in Tasmania but it sits on the banks of the Tamar River. No doubt named by a homesick ex-pat as many of our towns are.

According to the Wiki link-- "In 2004, it had a population of about 15,000, of whom 40% were aged 65 or over.[1] By the time of the 2011 census the population was 12,569.[2] It is a tourist resort and a gateway to the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. A large part of the town has been designated a conservation area".

Sounds just right for elderly genteel folk who like the peaceful and scenic. That would be me. I just know David must have brought his fishing gear. I would.

"elderly genteel folk who like the peaceful and scenic"

For the life of me Whitewall I cannot see either you or Duffers [ex 3 Para who are not known for their gentility] in the "elderly genteel folk" category. There is bugger all we can do about the elderly bit but genteel? Spare me.

AussieD, well, I have an active imagination. Maybe genteel ain't what it used to be.

David, I will have to settle for Coventry again this year with mainly pensioner veterans. However when we get together we are young again. Best weekend ever and would never miss it except if the Grim Reeper has a say.

Don't invite the Grim Reaper. He is always a nuisance, double dips his chips, belches and farts too much and denies doing it. This does not even mention his lack of fashion awareness. Word up.

We are fond of Sidmouth too. We'll be there this summer walking the cliff paths or dozing in the sun.

Is that sand or stones on the beach?
We Aussies like sand on a beach.
And furthermore, do you tie your hanky into one of those funny hats you
old codgers in Pommyland like to wear?
I'd like to see that.

Whitewall, sounds like the typical squaddie, the salt of the earth.

Andra I Google Earthed it and the photos show sand grains the size of cricket balls so I guess the beach is all rocks. Did have a slight chuckle when one of the captions called it the Jurassic Coast. Anything to do with the age of its visitors?

Still the photos show it as a lovely looking little town. I do like small English towns - just ooze character.

Well, as AussieD indicates, it's just that the sand grains on Sidmouth beach are a little larger than normal! Still, you will not be surprised to know that after lunch I never quite made it as far as the beach. It was a lovely sunny day but with an exceedingly nippy breeze and so we enjoyed the view - through the large, double-glazed windows of the Belmont Hotel! There was nearly a death in our party when it became clear that one of us was intending to vote in support of remaining in the EU. You will be proud of me when I tell you that instead of killing her I just took another swig of Merlot and smiled benignly! As for the Jurassic coast, alas, as Whiters suggested, I suspect the only dinosaur around was me!

Tim, you will be glad to know that I suspect nothing very much has changed in Sidmouth for at least a hundred years.

Uncle Mort, I have e-mailed you.

Andra, having found the Balian sarong you once sent me I tried to pose for pictures wearing it in front of the Belmont Hotel but a combination of a nippy breeze and an agitated hotel manager put an end to it.

Anyway, just one of those perfect, easy going days out - who could ask for anything more?


You'll be off to Budleigh Salterton next.

Or Bognor Regis!

Budleigh, Bognor? Sounds almost exotic.

Quite so, Andrew, another Devonian town I rather like.

Sorry, Oswald, but as you no doubt expected the only response to your suggestion is the old and hallowed one - 'Bugger Bognor!'

Sorry, Whiters, they don't 'do' exotic down in Devon or Sussex!

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