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Sunday, 24 April 2016


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Bloody Hell Duffers. That photo needs a warning on it.

An American friend of mine [ex USAF and Law Enforcement] who is an ardent follower of US Politics is of the opinion that Hell will freeze before the Federal Bureau of Incompetence presses charges against Shrillary.

Have you got rid of Jug Ears yet? The news here had a clip of him playing golf with Dim Dave.

I think, AussieD, that the human interest in this is that it all depends on one man and his conscience - and yes, I know the words: "conscience doth make cowards of us all". Even so, Mr. Comey does not have much to lose. He is near retirement, he's made his money, he has 'no dog in the fight', so what is to stop him from earning his reputation in history as a 'straight arrow'?

I hope you are right Duffers and Mr Comey has the fortitude to do what is right and put principle before principal.

Some will hate him for it but he would help reinstate some trust in what has been an "injustice" system.

David, the problem for Mr Comey may well be that whichever way he jumps, he could upset the Clinton gang, the Obama gang or both. And the fact is that neither of these fine, upstanding organisations is known for it's willingness to let bygones be bygones.

Then, of course, there's the prospect of the Trump gang taking over the reins of power.

How does it go? 'Uneasy lies the head that wears the FBI badge...' or something like that.

Trump, Clinton, Obama it matters little. Are those in power above the law or not? If they are above the law then "we the people" will begin to follow suit. Law enforcement-the FBI- may be the decider. There are massive subtexts to all this Clinton scandal and connections are going to reverberate in every corner of DC and maybe other capitols.

Trump's purpose is to disrupt and bring the end of the Republican party, which is fine as it is "no longer fit for purpose". The Obama/Clinton wing of the all but dead Democrat(ic) party is to bring modern day totalitarian governance complete with oligarchs, pop stars and "proper think". This mistake will require force. Force will be met with force. Fasten your seat belts.

Depressing but, alas, probably accurate, Whiters.

If she'd been doing a bit more of that (photo) Monika Lewinsky might not have got a look in.


Well spotted Lawrence that tongue could do the job required. However the teeth could be a danger considering she is always bumping her gums.

Politicians have always been corrupt but in the past they did try to hide that fact. These days they have learnt that unless their fingers are actually caught in the till they can be quite open about it. Although being caught red handed is no guarantee of punishment. Dim-Dave and the stayers outrageous lies an example. Spin and partisanship they have found can cover a multitude of sins even make them look respectable. So Clinton will not face justice and she will be free to take her incompetence and odious ideology with her into the White House where she can carry on the destruction Obama started. The alternative Trump that way is probably to ensure WWIII.

"Hell will freeze [over] before the Federal Bureau of Incompetence presses charges against Shrillary."

That's about my view of the matter.

And if Comey does try to take her down, he'll probably find a horse's head in his bed before long.

Crikey, JK, that's dynamite - if Comey has what it takes to light the fuse!

Indeed David.

Thanks, JK, the plot thickens - and sickens!

Might help the "over-there audience" far as the background goes.

Good work, JK.

"What evil lurks in the hearts of men?" ...... and women!

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