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Tuesday, 19 April 2016


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There won't be war in the south China Sea as it would take participation by the leaders of all concerned. At the moment, America has no commander in chief, so we're out. Besides, war can be bad for business. An option would be to make Japan and South Korea nuclear states. If all those assorted Asian zipper heads hate each other that bad, well then let's find out.

I'm not as sanguine as you, Whiters, and in my view it only takes one to start a war as any German will tell you!

Whitewall, those little islands the Chinese are forming and placing runways would suggest China is prepared and preparing for war or is hoping the threat of war will make others turn their cheeks and succumb to them.
I think China could lose the gamble and there will be war.


War with China??

In the next 5-10 years. Not likely.

25-50 years not inevitable but very possible.

Avoiding it without compromise will take some real diplomacy.

The biggest danger is the belief amoung the libs and others that a large conventional war is not possible. Since they don't see it as possible they will make no effort to prevent, and may even help provoke it.

Watch the Philippines. The US has formal and informal connections going back to 1899 that could pull us in to war.

On the good side, will probally no longer be around to enjoy the fire works.

For your viewing pleasure.

I would think the last part has more testosterone than hardware, but thinking with testosterone is not unknown in these case.

Crikey, Hank, I never thought of the Philippines as a martial state. And as you indicate, there is more than enough testosterone around all the countries involved to presage a grim future.

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