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Thursday, 07 April 2016


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I am rather torn about this story. On the one hand, I think the Guardian and its readers (who include several of my in-laws) are a bunch of mealy-mouthed hypocrites. On the other hand, I find it hard to believe that Cameron's father didn't leave his inheritance packaged in neat tax avoiding thingies. I would like some of this transparency he is always blithering on about.

Two little bits of advice, BOE, don't tell the missus what you think of your in-laws, and don't hold your breath waiting for transparency from Dave!

Am I biased or what? I know everyone is a hypocrite or has been at some point but in politics is not the left by far the most outrageous of them? I would also add the most stupid, illogical and irrational. No wonder we act so inhumanely to one another so many give us reason to behave that way. Bias of course is a considerable factor when deciding who we should do harm to. At the moment I am all for hanging the Guardian journalists from the nearest lamppost. See what I mean.

How could nature have let loose such perverse destructive animals onto this planet of ours. Surely our planet would be far better off without it. All I can say is Gaia must be a masochist.

My wife has banned me from discussing politics and "news" with her relatives. This suits me, as I realised some time ago that it was a waste of time! I have pointed out to them that the Guardian is owned by a tax sheltered company - they don't believe me because it has never been mentioned in the Guardian. I am helped by the fact that Mrs BoE reads the Telegraph!

Dammit, Antis, just bend over and take you punishment like a man!

BOE, despatch them all to D&N for, er, re-education!

Sometimes I wonder just what the Guardian actually guards.

It's untaxed profits!

Untaxed profits. You might know that April 15 is the due date here in the US where we loyal taxpayers render our tithes and offerings to the Federal Treasury Temple. Yesterday was my day to hand it over. Now just how do I get me one of them tax shelter do whammers?

That's odd, I thought it was April 1st! What you need, Whiters, is an overseas tax haven and you really could not do better than the 'zovereign state of Zouth Zummerzet' here in this septic isle. Any old money order will do and you can rest easy that your funds will be safe with me!

Hmm, seems I've heard that pitch before.

Yes, you probably have, Whiters, from the American government!

Dpn't forget Whitewall, in ZZ they are still using groats. Or is it grouts?

BOE, some of that old exotic currency as I recall?

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