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Thursday, 14 April 2016


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Stuttering again?

Married to Germany? British humor is much better as it can be delivered with few words at a time. One word in German can be as long as a brief humorous quip in English. Besides, isn't Germany in the midst of committing social and cultural suicide?

Thanks, Whiters, duly corrected.

German suicide? Well, I did warn you that Farnsworth had his tongue firmly in cheek!

I know, but still.

I shall just be boring and repeat what I have written here several times. We made a big mistake in 1905 when we allied ourselves with the French. We had a thousand years of history with them, so we ought to have known better. Who knows how the 20th century might have turned out if we had allied ourselves with the Germans.

Somewhere between badly and disastrously is my best bet, BOE. The bonkers Kaiser and his even bonkier (is that a word?) generals were just as mad as Hitler. And remember, we didn't ally ourselves to the French for the sake La France but in pursuit of our own crucial self-interest. Unfortunately, in a messy world you can't always choose your allies, as Churchill found out with Joe Stalin.

David, did you mean tae say pomme frites! Enjoyed the article.

David this has potential.

England, Scotland, and Ireland can be separate Lander. Devolve and not at the same tome. :- )

Well, we don't know how an alliance with Germany in 1905 might have turned out. We DO know how the alliance with France turned out though. Not exactly an unalloyed success in my opinion.

And once the Kaiser had naval ports running from the North Sea, down the Atlantic coast and into the Med, you think all would have been well, do you?

That would have been the equivalent of not just helping the hangman make the noose but then slipping it over our own head!

Your speculation has the same value as mine!

No, just think about it for a moment. If France had collapsed the Germans would have taken over their naval ports on the Atlantic and in the Med. The Kaiser had spent zillions building up the German navy but prior to WWI he had only one naval base on the North Sea which meant that when war came the British were able to bottle the Germans up. If we had stood back and allowed the German navy to establish itself all down the Atlantic and inside the Med how long do you think it would have taken the Kaiser to put the squeeze on British trade on which we were utterly dependent?

The Germans, re-assured by their new alliance with GB, restrain their Austrian clients from attacking Serbia. The Russians do not mobilise or call on the French to come to their aid. The Germans don't attack France, and anyway, we are not duty bound to come to the aid of France because we are allied to the Germans.

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