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Thursday, 21 April 2016


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Hear hear

Well put DD you echo my sentiments exactly.

A fine tribute.

Well said, DD.

Hear! Hear!

Long live Her Maj.

One of the nicest ladies you could ever hope to meet.

Well done David and and Happy Birthday tae the Auld Yin. ( not you)😂

A remarkable woman indeed is our queen.
Her only fault, as I see it, is that she hasn't got around to making me a dame yet. She may well be saving that grand occasion for her 100th. Fair enough but my curtsy may be a bit creaky by then.

Andra, you can be my Dame.

An amazing woman. Her cypher is on the cherished piece of parchment which infers I am a gentleman [well actually it says I am an Officer and the other bit is inferred] and also on that of my son.

Affectionately known to my contemporaries as "The Boss". She is also the strongest argument in favour of a Constitutional Monarchy rather than a Republic as it is not the power she has but the power she denies.

Lady Andra? Nah, it has to be Duchess Andra at the very least. By the way, watch out for amorous Jocks in the undergrowth!

Thank you Jimmy. I always knew you were a man of discernment.
By the bye, my father was a Macdonald and my mother was a McClure.
Anyway, all my ancestry that I know of is Scottish and my darling partner, the Chinaman, has had only 3 serious women in his life .... lucky man ... his wife (of 40 years) was born in Edinborough, his next lovely lady was of Scottish ancestry and now he's lucky enough to have me!!
If you're wondering what happens to these women he wears them out and they depart this planet, with no regrets, I think. However, I ain't going nowhere!
And the Chinaman is smart enough to voice no complaints!
Duff, I don't want to be a duchess. All I can think of is Hermione Gilgold or some such in an old 50's movie and I don't look like that. I haven't got a whalebone girdle or a tiara.
And so I insist on damedom. It's Dame Andra or bust!

I'll go for the bust, er, in the nicest possible way, you understand!

I'll go for the bust

[Chuckle] Once a Squaddie always a Squaddie.

Andra I think "Her Grace the Duchess Andra of North Queensland" would be most appropriate. [Springs to attention and throws 21 Gunner]

"Springs to attention and throws 21 Gunner".

I'm not really up on naval-speak, let alone Aussie naval speak, but have a care, Lady Andra, you know what sailors are like, I'm sure your mother warned you!

Duffers a 21-gun salute marks special royal occasions throughout the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. A particularly snappy salute thrown to a person of importance [e.g. The Duchess Andra] takes its origin from that practice. Tradition, you have to have tradition.

You know the old saying:- The Navy has traditions, the Army have customs and the Air Force just have nasty habits.

Better standby, AussieD, for incoming from Air Marshal BOE! And, it can only be a matter of time before Able Seaman JK from the Right Royal Arkansas Navy lobs in a cannonade!

Talking of busts as we were before. We have been getting a doco series here called "Digging Britain" hosted by a Dr Alice Roberts. I'm in love [again].

Aside from the obvious attraction it has shown just how long your Septic Isles have been inhabited. Most interesting.

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