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Friday, 15 April 2016


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I will say, once again, that it is illegal for O'Bama to use taxpayer money, e.g. paid travel expenses, to influence elections in other countries. OTOH, after all the other violations of statutory law and Constitution what difference does it make? Yes, if he's for it, everyone should be ag'in' it. I didn't vote for him!

Michael, at least it is only going to be verbal interference. It may well backfire and give advantage to the Outs.

At least two of them are in recent of a very healthy EU pension, which they will lose if they even think ill of that corrupt, criminal, organisation. As far as OBummer sticking his (Kenyan) oar in things he has no right to, I wonder what he would say if Dim Dave suggested that Hawaii or Alaska should apply to leave the Union? DD would be told to f#ck off, which is exactly what OBummer should do.

I forgot to add to my last post that, along with other countries, the USA has used American taxpayers money to influence foreign elections for yonks, mainly by assassination or bombing the shit out of the country.

Assassination has also been illegal for more than forty years, a change that some came to regret, when Idi Amin was eating his own people, if they got on the wrong side of him. People used to joke about "Where is the CIA when we really need them?" At ;least. I think they were joking.


A goodly number of British and American infantry men could testify that we used great restraint in any bombing in Iraq, if they were not dead. We, both nations, in our campaign to stop Iraqis from killing one another, cleared insurgent neighborhoods house to house, at great risk, rather than "bombing the shit out of them." We both have the casualties to show for this noble restraint.

As far in the past as forty years ago, we pursued a policy of "escalation" in Viet Nam, instead of "bombing the shit out of them," which would have stopped the flow of supplies from China into its proxy state, North Viet Nam. Many young men at the time declined the honor of service in Viet Nam on those ridiculous terms, including one (ahem)especially good looking twenty year old.

Who is the wanker in the bottom right hand corner? Looks like he is a couple of sheep short in the top paddock.

For goodness sake, AussieD, show a little respect! That is our esteemed, well, esteemed by some, Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Right Honourable George Osborne MP.

So now you know why we're nearly broke!

Michael Adams.
As an ex soldier in the British Army, I have nothing but respect for the armed forces of any democratic country who risk, and lose, their lives on the whims of politicians who are not fit to shine their shoes. The appropriate term, I understand, is "acceptable casualties", though it is often noted that the kin and relatives of the the politicians are rarely, if ever, included in those casualties (Clinton suddenly found he had a Rhodes scholarship during the Vietnam conflict, and as for the Bush clan....). Borneo, Aden and several tours in Northern Ireland were my experiences of being used with little, or no, thanks. My comments were meant to relate to the military/industrial complex of the USA, which holds so much influence. When stationed in West Berlin I made many friends in the American forces, some of whom were Vietnam veterans.

Mr Adams,
Now that I've apologised for offending you, and explaining my British style of cynicism, I am reminded of a recent visit to Cambodia and Laos, both neutral countries in the Vietnam conflict, and which still report farmers being blown up by American bombs dropped in "precision bombing raids". The effects of Agent Orange have filtered down the generations, which the USA is apparently refusing to help resolve ("It all happened a long time ago. Let's move on") a State Department spokesperson will probably say. Assassinations in South America, invasions in Grenada, interference in the eastern Baltic, all of which made the situations worse than they were. To my shame and regret, the Muppets in successive British governments did little to cover themselves in glory as they were too busy climbing up Uncle Sam's arse. As an ex soldier, who got his boots dirty several times, I regret that science has not been able to clone Churchill or Thatcher, especially now, when we need them in this country. Between them they had more balls that the succeeding Prime Ministers put together.

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