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Wednesday, 06 April 2016


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In our current world, there are many more tombstones that need "peeing" on that mark the spot of recently planted Leftists. As a matter of fact, many more leftists are in need of planting beneath respectable tombstones. Those too will need a good watering each spring...May Day comes to mind. I have found that the older I get, the more often I need to go. Yes I carry a grudge. No I never forget.

A good grudge and a good memory, essential requirements these days!

Creatures like Philby, Burgess et al are good reasons why, when dealing with suchlike, one should never forgive and never forget.

Pissing on his grave is the least one can do.

Whitewall the bastards deserve unmarked graves so no trace or remembrance of such vile wretches may longer be found among men.

Hello AussieD, I hear you. I fear it is the marked graves we decent members of Western society will end up loosing to these Leftists if they are not stopped and stopped hard. They do like to erase history they don't like if the history was an obstacle to their goals and power. As I've mentioned before it ain't over just because the USSR died. The admirers and believers still remained and have taken over every institution in the West. They don't stop, they have to be stopped.

Aussie - but if we don't mark the bastards' graves we won't know where to piss!!

On a more serious note - I am not by nature an anti-establishment radical, but Cameron and to a lesser, a much lesser extent Osborne hail from the same establishment background. As do a large number of civil service movers and shakers (well shakers anyway) who want to keep us in the EU.

This morning, instead of breakfast TV, I watched Prof Vernon Bogdanor's lecture on the Falklands affair. Worth listening to, especially when it illustrates what a ghastly lot our politicians are.

Posterity will ne’er survey
a Nobler grave than this:
Here lie the bones of Castlereagh:
Stop, traveller, and piss!

Lord Byron, Epigram, 1822

Hello Richard.


A full magazine of SMG 9mm would have been appropriate. Pity I was not around to do it.

Interestin' fella', that Castlereagh, Richard. Was he the last politician to fight a dual with another politician? Perhaps they should re-instate the practice, I would pay good money to see Dave 'n' Jezza facing off on Wesminster Green!

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