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Monday, 04 April 2016


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David, do ya ever wonder how come it is that a pretty young " lady" as this can have her makeup on just right even whilst undergoing a tumble in the sack?

Instead of HRT, just buy yourself a red convertible and drive it until things are better.

No, no, Whiters, the lady in the picture is my beloved Tess Daly, the totally pure and innocent wife of the unmitigated ratbag next to her!

Well, Whiters, I did once drive my little Toyota with the sunroof open an inch or two but I can't say it improved my sex life!

"Pure and innocent" huh? You still grow 'em like that over there? Must be an isolated county way off.

You know what helped my sex life? I bought a treadmill ... And I gave it to my wife.

Deafening silence from James in Glasgow - still investigating Jimmy? Take it easy, man!!

Our man Jimmy is 'very' thorough I believe.

Well gentlemen I was not surprised by this Earth shaking revelation about Dugdale. She seems a nice wee lass but is out of her depth in politics.
All we need now is for Sturgeon to come out and we will have a choice between three Dykes for Scottish leadership. John Knox would be impressed.

Whitewall, I had a thought that if I pretended to be a bent shot I may get nominated for an unsafe Labour seat. All Labour seats are unsafe so what the hell! May as well go for it.

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