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Thursday, 14 April 2016


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The last time we fought a "Junker" we sent it down in flames the latest "Drunker the Junker"is so full of brandy one match will send it up in flames.

"Rebecca Harms".

We can't say we weren't warned.

I read the passage last night on AKH's, but it bears a lot of re-reading. Wonderful, isn't it?

It's also worth having a look from time to time at John Redwood's blog. Here he is on the positives of Brexit:

A very sound man, I've always liked him.

Manitoba, Canada.. proud home of the city of Winnipeg. Its southern border touches Minnesota. I've been to Manitoba and it feels very English but with a snowy prairie touch. Mr. Pearse put it exactly right and got the "why" just right too. As an American I view the Brexit the same way he does. Get on with it. There's tyranny afoot in Brussels.

Yes, I knew it was in Canada but apart from the French bit in the East and the British bit in the west, what goes on in between is a mystery to me!

Good stuff isn't it? Reminds us of the essentials.

Whitewall, indeed something is afoot in Bruxelles and Europe. The EU has lost the plot by knowingly letting terrorists enter. There is something politically inept and pathetic about the EU and dangerous to its citizens. Britain needs to get out. I think this would spur on other members to reach a trade deal and control their borders.

Jimmy you're dead on right. Insanity has seized the Continent.

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