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Saturday, 09 April 2016


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"as pretty a pair as you could wish to meet"

Are you referring to THE TWO in the first photograph Duffers? Pity her sunglasses clash with her outfit.

And totally off topic.

It is;

the 154th Anniversary of the battle of Shiloh in the American Civil War,

the 151st Anniversary of Robert E Lee's surrender in that same war, and

eleven years since Charlie married Camilla

I hadn't raised my eyes as far as her sunglasses, AussieD.

is it actually a manacle around her ankle? I just ask lest H.M.'s Prison Authorities should be informed that someone has escaped!

Probably one of those electronic tag thingies. She hasn't escaped from anywhere, but is being monitored for a lesser offence such as manslaughter, major drug-dealing, or selling her child.

This event is, of course, an important maintenance event for the racecourse owners. All those stiletto heels backed up by massive weight does wonders for aerating the compacted turf.

Er...Duffers...far be it from me to correct a fellow NCO (substantive, too; dammit!) but I think you'll find the charge of the Heavy Brigade, (remarkable for being uphill, General Scarlett O/C) took place at the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War on the same day as 'The Thin Red Line' under General Colin Campbell and the more famous 'Charge of the Light Brigade.' All on the same day, too, apparently! (H/T George Macdonald Frazer: 'Flashman at the Charge') 'Flashy,' naturally, took a reluctant part in all three.
OK, OK; I'm on a charge - again!

Ya know, down through the ages, when it comes to the ladies...wars have been fought over and because of them.

AussieD....thanks for the history lesson. Now that you mentioned it, the American Civil War ended the notion that our Constitution actually meant what it said. We are engaged in a cold civil war at the moment.

I don't like yours Duffers; the one with her back to the camera in the blue floral dress!

You seem to know a lot about this tag business, Whiters!

Right, Thake, you're on a charge! The Heavy Brigade with the Scots Greys leading the way did charge at Waterloo. Unfortunately, the ground being sodden most of them were stuck in the mud and the dastardly French lights, armed with lances, skewered most of 'em, including the Colonel, so not all bad then!

A splendid woman, BOE, though I'm a little surprised she hasn't got a wide-angle lens on that selfie-camera!

I sense that after all the viewing excitement of these pictures, most of the gents here have enjoyed an extensive nap?

Whitewall, I went for a nap and started dreaming about them!

David this post has completely spoiled my Monday lunch break.

Shame on you - or should that be shame on me?

Oh come on, Andrew, man up! There's nothing quite like a dose of Scouse pulchritude to cheer a chap up.

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