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Tuesday, 12 April 2016


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Skinner is not only thick and oafish. He is also a lying hypocrite of the highest order. When elected to Parliament, he stated that, if still there, he would resign when he reached the retirement age of 65, as he "would not take a job from another man". How old is he now? He's still there. Still taking another man's job.


I read about the Netherlands referendum and was happy to see it. My God, how democracy can be damned inconvenient for those in charge. Sheer arrogance. Europe has met its enemy and it ain't Islam- yet. "Where have all the 'fascists' gone? Long time passes". "Gone to 'Brussels' everyone".


Post that propaganda leaflet back to whence it came, to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street... and send it recorded delivery as well. An awful lot of like minded people are going to do the same and if enough people follow your example, it should make for some rather interesting articles in the press!

GO FOR IT! (That's an order.)

Further to my last...

That's still an order!

"your prime minister is a despicable, cheating, double-dealing rat-bag".

I didn't think you thought so highly of him Duffers.

Love the idea of sending all that stuff to 10 Downing Street. I shall remember that idea when our pollies start giving me the irrits.

'Too late, too late,' he cried! Sorry, Richard, I happened to be passing the front door when the post arrived and when I saw what it contained I binned it on the spot. If I can find it will I will follow your order, Sir!

This looks OK.

Not bad, BOE.

What happened to parliamentary privilege where they can slander anyone they want with no repercussions but here when he is actually telling the truth he gets kicked out.

Bunch of wankers.

Looks like the Judean People's Front, the People's Front of Judea, and the Popular Front (our favourite - "He's over there") have some competition in the "real life trumps satire when it comes to politics" stakes. "Vote Leave" and the splitters will be seeing each other in court, which might delay the referendum - and almost certainly guarantee the outers will lose: -

And you want this lot to have exclusive control over you?

Bunch of wankers, yep, 'bout sums 'em up.


But, dammit, Sir, they're British wankers not a bunch of ill-assorted vulgar Bulgars, Huns, Greeks, Cypriots and assorted corrupt European riff-raff who couldn't spell the word 'democracy'. Now get back to your slivovitz!

Skinner is the man with some witt at times but to call the PM dodgy without offering any reason and evidense deserved to be removed temporarily. The witch hunt against Cameron was a disgrace and carried out by incompetant members of my own party.
Labour should be putting positive policies forward to the nation and not acting like tabloid journalists making up stories.

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