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Friday, 08 April 2016


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Her maj could go on until 100 like her mum. Hope so anything to keep that twat off the throne. Will V and consort what a difference. I am a great believer that having a constitutional monarch is great for our country and the cost of maintaining it is repaid many times over in so many ways. To change that would be disastrous. If Charles becomes king this country at the moment overwhelmingly royalist could suddenly become republican because he would be a dreadful king.

If anyone has any doubts as the essential nature of our Royal family just pause and consider the possibility of, say, President Prescott - yeeeeeeeees, quite!

Perhaps I should have added that Charles I came to sticky end and hope this Charles does to preferably before he becomes Charles III.

A little harsh, Antis. Yes, he's a bit of a plonker but if we bumped off all the plonkers in the world that would only leave me and you!

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