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Wednesday, 27 April 2016


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The people voted them in didn't they?! Democracy run amuck. Seems to be spreading.

"it was 'the people' - dread word! - who elected these crooks and buffoons to power.........."

whenever I hear/read these words, they echo the not lamented Howard M, & his plaintive faux welch "the pipple"...

(rant over)

kind regards

Do you remember how, a few years ago, we were told that the "BRIC" countries were set to take over the world stage? China is obviously poised for domination, yet the other economies all seem to have stalled, and their political systems are shot. Amazing how quickly fortunes can change, isn't it? Our home-grown decline is positively stately in comparison...

I don't give a toss about the Olympics but do wonder at the common sense being applied to the venue. If you read the credits on most mugging/street robbery/shooting videos on Live Leak, an inordinately large proportion comes from Brasil.

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