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Saturday, 23 April 2016


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Saw the Great Pretender [a.k.a. Jug Ears] on our TV news telling you all to stay in the EU.

Down here we have a simple message to outsiders seeking to but into our domestic issues - "Piss off buggerlugs".

Hopefully Jug Ears has just enhanced the Quit message.

I saw this insufferable half Kenyan Emperor give that speech and couldn't believe it....well I could actually. From what I gather it didn't go over well.

Maybe it is enough to turn the tide for Brexit.

"Therefore, oddly enough, I am grateful to 'President Big Mouth' for spelling it out even if I think he's a damn fool for doing so."

Why a damn fool?

What's there to lie about?

It's exactly what will happen, and if he lied and said Brexit would see Blighty to the front of the queue, he'd only have to eat his words if Brexit happens.

Realpolitik doesn't encourage lying for lying's sake - and certainly not when there's a disadvantage to the lie!

The knowledge of it might ruffle the feathers of the country bumpkins and died in the wool Brexiteers, but they were a lost cause anyway.

The rest of us thank him for telling it as it is, and we were going to vote to stay in anyway because we like America and we like Europe, not for any particular long term or intrinsic "it's better over there than here" type reason, but simply because having two integrated and open continents with cultural and historical shared heritage gives us options as individuals. Options to get away from the country bumpkins and the loony left, lead by their respective glittering arrays of underachievers, the "Brit Tits" as you call them, which will become our only options if we Brexit.

The sad reality for Brexiteers is the young (ahem, isn't 50 the new 30?) don't want to be run by country bumpkins and loony lefties with closed borders, which they see, quite rightly, as the only outcome in a Brexit scenario with the information around them today - Old Big Ears now having added to that information.

And most of the old, who lived through the 70's and should know better with that information in addition to the appalling array of today's "Brit Tits" the young have as their only reference - also recognize Brexit as "a burning building with no escape route", as Hague recognized was the Euro monetary union.

That's it in a nutshell: There are two burning buildings with no exits: Brexit and the Euro.

And there's membership of the EU without the Euro - in the street between the two conflagrations. Not perfect, but the least worst. Such is decision making when you look at it as an individual.

The only folks who don't seem to get it are the country bumpkins and Brexiteers. But after June 23rd, they probably will.



SoD - damn fool because the effect of his tin eared and hamfisted intervention is likely to be negative.

Your vision of a friendly cuddly EU is really quite quixotic!

I still think remain is the most likely outcome, but the lies and disinformation from the remainers and bile and resentment that is causing among those of us who see the matter more clearly than you do will ensure that the issue will simmer for years - and in the long term the whole thing will fall apart anyway. That IS certain.

"... and in the long term the whole thing will fall apart anyway. That IS certain."

Agree with you on that.

But it will reconstruct. And having been a part of it, and the prime mover in the arguments for its reform to the bitter end, the forlorn hope of Thatcherites who struggle alone today to keep the neo-Liberal ideas alive and the statist ones down, will have their chance to reshape it: A single market - also extended in full, or as much as possible, to the "Five Eyes" states; an elected executive, accountable to the European people and hounded by the nation state's democracies to keep it honest (and vice versa), with foreign policy, external border control, and a European army in its scope.

Then no-one would fuck with us anymore. And like an elderly parent with a benevolent son, we wouldn't have the ritualized humiliation of the Yanks wiping our collective arse every time we shit ourselves (a regular occurrence).

Outside of it, Blighty will have much less influence in what ensues following its collapse. And no-one even knows if that might lead to war, and the time honoured role Blighty has fulfilled in that (toilet paper in hand).


"And there's membership of the EU without the Euro"

There is now. For how long if we vote to stay in.

SoD - if it would limit itself to a single market and a forum for inter-governmental cooperation or even just an elaborate method of getting productive germans on the ruhr to subsidise unproductive and stroppy french farmers, there'd not be too much to hate. However your dream of extending it to cover the five eyes nations is just that, a dream, and the chances of it reforming as a free trade libertarian paradise are zero.

The chances of the uk becoming a libertarian paradise are also zero - on that I'd agree with you, but free trade at least, innovation in delivering government services and some measure of openness and efficiecy are also in our dna unlike the french who are in charge of these matters over there. We certainly don't always get it right but we are wrong less often and less disatrously than they are which where government is concerned that is about as much as you can realistically expect.

My main hope is that when it collapses the outcome is not too violent.

BOE and CB: -

The nation-states have found their voice and are challenging the EU across the board now - ironically we have the Euro and those benighted immigrants to thank for that! They rallied the Club Medders and awoke the Ost Blokkers from their post-Socialist coma, and made a stand agisnt EU central power.

So the one state union and forced Euro membership projects have been checked.

This is the critical moment in the battle!

The rebels have stopped the Leviathan in its tracks; now they need a leader: Cool under fire, linked to big friendly powers abroad, impartial to most issues that divide the rebels, with a philosophical base that suits the individualism of the European character and appeals to reason.

For that leader to quit the field in this critical moment would go down in history as the greatest act of shameful cowardice ever.

Because it's not as if you have to pick up your standard issue and climb into boats to fight this battle as your forefathers did; rather all you have to do is devote that huffing and puffing of country bumpkin hot air, marching up and down the Dorset lanes, etc., etc., to getting over there and into the fray in Brussels with some "Pernicious Albion", hard work, and marshalling of the rebels into a co-ordinated force for the counter-attack.

Cry God for Harry, England, and St George - and death to the emperor!


Oh God! I really hope you don't believe all that twaddle, SoD. No-one in the EU had a bigger reason to smash it up by walking out than the Greeks and what did they do - they caved! No-one and no thing is going to stop this "Leviathan" until its power is either entrenched and enforced by police batons (in the true European tradition!) or it collapses under its own contradictions. Are you seriously suggesting that we, the Brits, should go along for the ride? Do me a favour!

No SoD that's simply not the case.

Obligatory euro membership has not been abandoned only temporarily shelved they think until better times. They will live with our opt out because they have seen taht it is a show stopper for us.

The single nation thing is still on, of cours eit is, taht's the whole point, and you will see the next treaty will make this even more clear. That is why we must leave now because th plan is for the core nations to deepen the single state and we are lined up for associate membership which really will have all the costs and none of the (imaginary) benefits.

David, to help in your "leave" efforts, this from Diplomad...

Very well done.

Yes, a good article as usual from 'the Dip'.

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