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Monday, 18 April 2016


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What?!!! You mean "they've" finished with BP?

I told people the Cold War didn't end. It merely paused, changed continents and has carried on in English under the guidance of the Soviet proxy-Democratic party. Red shake down artists.

Obama I believe was before president a community Organiser in Chicago a city dominated by the Democrats with one of the highest rates of gun crime in America. I have often wondered if Community Organiser(synonymous with local enforcer) was the PC name for gangster because he and his cronies on so many occasions appear to act like them. Did not the IRS also use strong arm methods to intimidate Republicans.

He and his administration stink worse than rotten fish. Waiting in the wings is of course Hilbilly not exactly a gangster although she does display some of there attributes plus she is very incompetent and she will be quite prepared to use their same tactics when she enters the White House. So one terrible presidency will be followed by one even worse especially as it can capitalise on the rotten system built by the previous one and be used by a bumbling moron.

I thought that Blair/Bush did the deal on giving the US the power to arrest British citizens. I'm afraid Dave is not the only dodgy character to have occupied downing street- he may well be one of the less dodgy ones, though somewhat lacking in courage.

Hillary is not a gangster but she is totalitarian. If she moves in to the White Mosque at 1600 Pa. ave., look for a hammer and sickle flag over head.

Al Gore on 13 December 2008: “The entire north polar ice cap will be gone in 5 years”

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