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Sunday, 10 April 2016


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Suddenly, the chances of Jeremy Whats-his-name becoming Prime Minister are looking up!

Shhhhhh, BOE, don't even whisper the possibility!

G'day All,

Minimizing taxation is fine. Avoiding tax is the no-no. For a prominent Australian's view on taxation I recommend the following.

Kerry Bulmore Packer has Gone to G-D.

Tax evadton is illegal. Tax avoidance is legal and sensible. In Australia and anywhere!

AussieD that was a command performance!

Thanks, AussieD!


Tax avoidance is an expression of basic British freedoms. You may not like the principles set out by Lord Tomlin in the Inland Revenue’s case against the Duke of Westminster, but they are as fundamental as Magna Carta, and a good deal more useful to most of us (my italics):

"Every man is entitled, if he can, to arrange his affairs so that the tax attaching under the appropriate Acts is less than it otherwise would be. If he succeeds in ordering them so as to serve that result, then, however unappreciative the Commissioners of Inland Revenue or his fellow taxpayers may be of his ingenuity, he cannot be compelled to pay an increased tax."



Good grief, a sensible Cocklecarrot!

From what I understand you would Know them it was three perves doing the "circle of life"

David, I can't help but notice that today's photos are a bit "slimmed down" from yesterday's assortment. The effects of that "cold Arctic wind" you braved?

Peter, I have no idea what "the circle of life" is but I have a feeling that it might cause my mind to boggle!

I tell you, Whiters, that Debicki lady is delicious!

David, since you're a leading member of the vote leave campaign can you please have a word with Booker and his partner in crime, Richard North. (The Telegraph no longer seems to allow comments.)

Every week, (in Booker's case), or every day, (in North's), we get treated to a doom laden diatribe on how we're going to lose the referendum because Nigel or Boris or Carswell or whoever is not following North's Brexit plan to the letter.

Now North's plan is a magnificent peice of work, but the key objective for now must be to cut the Gordian knot this June and worry about untangling the various strands in the months afterwards.

Yes, a coherent plan is necessary, but the constant sniping is not helping.

Richard North produces intensively researched densely written pieces that are only read by 3 people. And he doesn't like Farage for reasons lost in the past. Farage on the other hand makes speeches that can be easily understood by anyone who has ever visited an English pub. Booker lies somewhere between the two. I read the DT online by switching off cookies and I am wondering where the comments have gone.

"A leading member of the vote leave campaign". Nah, not me, Kevin, I haven't even got my first stripe yet! And I gave up on Richard North yonks ago for much the same reason as BOE. His didactic, not say autocratic, writing style pissed me off.

I didn't know a "flat tax" was a topic of debate "over yonder" in Britain. It is here in some circles and Ted Cruz is a fan of it as am I. However, our current system is so larded up with favors and loop holes that most taxpayers who actually pay Federal income taxes beyond mandatory withholding have learned how to work the system to their advantage. My taxes returns use some of those favors and I pay a tax accountant a pretty penny to use them for me. All legal. The Left would never allow a flat tax and would to the last man, woman and any other gender they could find, fight and die on that hill to stop it. That too is a reason I like it. We have many unused hills here about that are prime burying ground for over committed Lefties. I'll be happy to furnish new shovels.

To be honest, Whiters, flat tax is not really a 'topic of debate' over here, it simply burbles away quietly in the background. Perhaps, given the embarrassment to our political class who may now be forced to publish their tax returns, it might rise further up the agenda - but I'm not holding my breath!

That slimy little git Osborne was in favour of it before he became Chancellor.

I just left the same comment over on Dip's site ... not expecting David you'd have a 'Cruz Post' up over there .. or here. Wherever.

Recall Hillary and the White House (among others) ridiculing Cruz' suggestion that what's needed is "carpet bombing ISIS"?

Well. What a difference a few months make:

And, before BoE turns round to "cut me off at the pass" ... yeah I remember BoE.

@ Whitewall

"David, I can't help but notice that today's photos are a bit ..."

What's that Whiters .. do I detect you're not quite feeling well, David's not "applying the medicine" quite properly? Not in palliative quantity at any rate?


By Jove, that doctor had the right idea!

My good friend JK, there is nothing better than a good stiff dose of "research" to warm the day. Why my vision is even better...hands a bit trembley though. Wait till Jimmy sees this, he won't sleep a wink.

And I like JK 'researching' my site because my visitor stats rocket up, up and away, as he clicks his way through the D&N history.

B52s from Barksdale. I spent 8 weeks there once on Giant Voice. Those were the days. Now I am lucky if Ann lets me use the car!

"Yes, that's what I'm suffering with and the litmus test is when the very best sport becomes 'boring-snoring'."

Snoring boring David? With the very best sport?

Good Lord man - get a grip - yes you're old as dirt but ... if you fondly recall the good Karen Weatherby then surely ...

There now David. Feeling improved?

By Jove, JK, 7.30 in the morning and I'm feeling better already! Also, of course, just to prove what a silly old fool I am, I woke up this morning to discover that some unknown - well, unknown to me! - British chap had nicked the Master's Cup from that twitcher Spieth - jolly good show!

That final round of the Masters was something to behold. Spieth was doing well until he came to "Amen Corner" of the final nine. It got him. Young Mr. Willett came on steady and took the title. Hell of an upset! There was coverage of Willett in the club house, as he had finished his round, on the phone with his wife back home in Britain with their new baby as it became clear Speith would never catch up and the win was his! We Americans love that kind of story and the crowd went wild...even at Augusta.

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