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Sunday, 17 April 2016


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I have always been of the opinion that one day the EU will implode. It just does not fit the criterion that is needed for it to work like the USA say. History actually tells us that all previous attempts at political and economic union have ended in failure apart from the USA although it nearly did. The EU wont be any different. So even if we vote to remain in the EU which we probably will it will not be for another 40 years. Another reason to leave now to so as to not be damaged later by it's demise.

Now look here, Antis, we can't have this sort of defeatist talk it just gives aid to the enemy. Of course we'll win starting here in downtown Milborne Port where the entire village is behind me, er, well, they were the last time I looked!

Question without notice Duffers. Why is Milborne Port so called? According to Google Earth you are approximately 34km from the sea and without a navigable river.

I'm glad you asked me that, AussieD, because for a change I actually know the answer. The word 'Port' was added to the name of a town or village if it was considered to be im*port*ant or wealthy which Milborne was 'back in the day' due to a fast-flowing stream running through it on which, I believe, at least six watermills operated and a fairly large glove-making factory was also nearby. The village actually returned two members of parliament back then when Sherborne Town which is very much bigger had none. Then the rascals introduced the Reform Act in 1832 and did us down!

Thanks Duffers. I love the "quirkiness" of many English place names.

I see they have even named the local pub after you - "The Tippling Philosopher"

Well done Corporal [Substantive] Duffers.

AussieD, David provided some photos of that pub a while back I believe. It struck me as a very comfy place and just my style. Though I am no philosopher.

If the 9/11 pages are released, about all it will do is open the flood gates for law suites by victim's families against the government of Saudi Arabia.

When it comes to a Brexit, the sooner the better for Britain to get the Hell out of Dodge while things are on firm home and even in Europe. When the eventual earthquake happens in Brussels, shaking ground will give no country any firm footing to steady itself for the coming economic chaos. Get thee out.

The main thing about The Tippling Philosopher is the, er, entertainment':

Yes I remember that account from a while back. It always pleased me that my ancestors "over there" could pull off such an event in fine style and the proper spirit. We all could use a dose of those "goode olde days". Though I must say, the marksmanship is cause for concern.

Speaking of Olde...I am reading about this massive Roman era villa just discovered in Wiltshire. Quite interesting. At least it is under a garden and not a parking lot. The Romans never made it to the shore of North America that I know of.

"If the 9/11 pages are released, about all it will do is open the flood gates for law suites by victim's families against the government of Saudi Arabia."

Well WW ... there's other things too - or as David might put it, "Vee haf our vays!"

(Too WW - ol' 'Triple Apostrophe' left The Color of Crime over on Dip's site [by way of a reply to #1482] ensure you bookmark!)

And, by the bye Whiters ...

JK, got it! Thanks.

Whitewall, we have let in long term sleepers who will strike when appropriate. The Western people are unable to comprehend these people and as a consequence many are in denial thinking no this cannot be happening. But it is.

Indeed Jimmy, "unable to comprehend"? Yes indeed.

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