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Thursday, 28 April 2016


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Leftism is ultimately a cancer that attacks the mind and reduces the believer to mental illness. My answer for the Left is and always has been a brief funeral and prompt burial.


I am, am I not, correct in my belief that Somerset is the fiefdom all of England most appropriately recognizes in speech as Greater Duffdom?

Well, it appears that (Somerset) Greater Duffdom has attracted the attention of one of "our" more influential bloggers.

So I ask Greater Duffdom's resident "Expert in All Things" ... what's up with that?

The anti-semitic morons, if they had half a brain, would look beyond their noses and realise they tread a dangerous path. Two phrases now stand out above all others as immutable Jewish resolutions. The first, ‘Zachor’ (to remember), is to ensure that the past will never be forgotten and its memory will always serve as a guide for the future. The second, ‘Never Again,’ is not limited to the horrors of a particular time or place, nor by extent or methods, but rather it symbolizes the Jewish people’s collective resolve to never stand by the blood of their brethren and to never allow innocents to be brutalized for the crime of being Jewish.

National Socialists. What could possibly go wrong?

JK, you are referring to the town of Radstock which is just down the road from Midsomer which is, of course, the murder capital of the world. Even by 'Zummerzet' standards they are all a tad bonkers over there. When I can get my army of liberation out of 'The Tippling Philosopher' pub I will mount an expedition and all will be put right and not only will the flag of St. George fly again but the Council chairman will be hanging alongside it!

Not only should Radstock fly the flag of St.George it should also erect a large bronze statue of a Knight Templar complete with a large cross on his shield.

Some wanker does not want to offend 0.28% of the population? And this is from people whose ancestors carved out the largest Empire the world has ever seen? FMD

In the event that Israel were to be assailed successfully by the Islamist hordes, would you accept the displaced population, or part thereof, into Blighty?


Yes of course we would. Provided we could relocate all the Muslims currently in our country.

As I have often said, what our political system needs is a mighty kick in the goolies, leading to a re-alignment of our politicians. Or even some new politicians. I thought that perhaps UKIP would cause the Tories to collapse. However, perhaps the Labour lot will be first to self-destruct. Whatever the result of the EU referendum, the Tories will collapse. Is there a ZIP (Zummerzet Independence Party)?

Yes, SoD, as many as possible not least because by and large Jews are the most intelligent people on the globe - and we could do with some of that!

Yes, BOE, there is an embryo ZIP, it meets regularly in the saloon bar of The Tippling Philosopher!

BOE "Yes of course we would."

What about the radical elements of Judaism - the sort who would use Blighty as a base for terrorism against moderate British muslims which would likely be reciprocated?

Gaffer "as many as possible not least because by and large Jews are the most intelligent people on the globe - and we could do with some of that!"

So how exactly does the ZIP decide on immigration? For example, letting more intelligent people into the country, and presumably the less intelligent people being barred. Why should intelligent British people suffer competition from immigrants, but unintelligent people not? You think the state has the right to persecute British intelligent people by exposing them to global competition in intelligence, while privileging unintelligent people with a closed shop?


My words, SoD, were "as many as possible" and the remainder of your 'comment' was waffle, a practice that I have honed at this blog 'many a year and oft'!


Moderate British Muslim. Oxymoron.


If the UK didn't take an Exodus from Israel we certainly would. It is unlikely to happen as if the State of Israel and its occupants faced imminent total destruction they have the Samson Option. The surrounding Arab countries would be turned into glass.

"What about the radical elements of Judaism - the sort who would use Blighty as a base for terrorism against moderate British muslims which would likely be reciprocated?"
With respect dear SoD, what utter poppycock. The only so called radical element of Judaism is in defense of their homeland. They aren't blowing up "moderate Muslims" ala jihadism around the globe.

Missred, totally agree; the actions of radical elements of Judaism, Mossad, and the IDF today are within the bounds of reasonable state self defence, imho too.

However, my conjecture was what if Israel was actually over-run by Islamists, and her people scattered (again), i.e. not the status quo of today. The refugees and immigrants arriving in Blighty under such circumstances would have their fair share of terrorists, waging war against their enemies in Blighty as well as travelling back home to fight. A revisit of times past - this time waged in Blighty (see first couple of paragraphs): -

What makes tomorrows Jews behaving badly in Blighty in the same way as today's Muslims so different that the country bumpkins welcome the one with open arms, but not the other?


SoD, you already have Jews in England, and you already have Moslems. Which group was responsible for 7/7? That's the group you don't want more of. The other group is okay.

One man's 911 is another man's ...

"At around the same time, an attempt was made by Lehi to drop a bomb on the House of Commons from a chartered plane flown from France; this attempt was stopped just before it was to be carried out, when French police discovered Lehi members preparing to cross the English Channel in a plane that was found to be carrying a large bomb. In October 1946, Lehi bombed the British Embassy in Rome, injuring three people. A number of bombs exploded in London, including one at London's Colonial Club, an establishment catering to soldiers and students from British colonies in Africa and the West Indies. The bombing caused no fatalities but injured some servicemen. An attempt was also made to destroy the Colonial Office in London with a large bomb, which malfunctioned after its timer broke. According to a senior police official, it would have caused a death rate similar to that of the King David Hotel bombing had it gone off. Some 21 letter bombs were addressed to senior British political figures, including Prime Minister Clement Attlee and Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin. Many were intercepted, while others reached their targets but were discovered before they could go off.[49][50][52][53] An Irgun explosives factory was also discovered in London.[49]"


That was 70-odd years ago, SoD, what a good memory you have, ooops, sorry, of course you weren't even born then!

Oh, and what about the Middle Eastern and African Christians?

Would you welcome them with open arms - along with the "Lord's Resistance Army"? : -

What exactly is the country bumpkin immigration formula for Blighty, 'en?


Ooops, forgot!

Those poor benighted Yazidi's, the current majority slave population of ISIS, but who aren't averse to stoning to death their young girls for having a boyf of the wrong religion - how many of them then? : -


Ah well, there's nothing like the sex industry and Islam to take the concept of irony to a new level: -


SoD, I'm beginning to worry about your reading habits!

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